two pieces of blue Nanny Still Harlekiini glass, a wine carafe and wine glass
detail of Nanny Still Harlekiini pitcher spout
blue Nanny Still Harlekiini decanter carafe for Riihimaki, Finland, 1958
Nanny Still 1744 Decanter detail of foot
Six Harlekiini wine glasses designed by Nanny Still, 1958, produced by Riihimaki Finland
Vintage blue glass Riihimaen Lasi Oy Harlekiini wine glasses by Nanny Still
Rare harlekiini decanter by Nanny Still, Finland
A stack of Harlekiini wine glasses designed by Finnish designer Nanny Still
Detail of the clear stem of a blue Nanny Still Harlekiini wine glass made at Riihimaen Lasi Oy
Round Harlekiini blue glass carafe by Nanny Still, Finland
Riihimäen Lasi Oy

Nanny Still 'Harlekiini' Carafe & Six Glasses

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A wine carafe & six wine glasses from the 'Harlekiini' (Harlequin) series designed by Nanny Still in 1958 for Riihimäen Lasi Oy, Finland.

Nanny Still's 'Harlekiini' series is perhaps her most renowned design. The full collection includes around 24 elements, such as decanters, jugs, and jars, with each piece composed from precise geometric shapes in turquoise glass. Most items from the series are stemmed with clear glass, lending both a boldness and elegance to the range. The 'Harlekiini' series embodies Nanny Still's confident sense of form, and the range was the beginning of Still's experimentations with colour, which she continued for the rest of her career in glass. 

This set includes a stemmed, bulbous carafe & six wine glasses. Each piece has been expertly handblown from vibrant turquoise-blue glass. The cylindrical shape of each glass echoes the neck of the carafe. This scalloped and handless carafe iteration is the rarest within the 'Harlekiini' series.

Model Number: Wine Jug Model 1744, Glasses Model 1661

Model Name: Harlekiini

Designer: Nanny Still

Manufacturer: Riihimäki Glassworks

Year of Design: 1958

Dates Produced: 1959-60 (Jug), glasses were produced for longer.

Colour: Turquoise

Jug Height: 33 cm, Diameter: 13 cm

Glasses H: 16.5 cm, ø: 6 cm

Condition: Perfect