Nanny Still filigree Tohveli pink vase produced at Riihimaen Lasi Oy, Finland, in the Organic Modernist style
Nanny STill Tohveli pink filigree onion vase, and early design from Riihimaki, Finalnd
Early Nanny STill Tohveli glass vase with filigree technique
Nanny Still early Tohveli glass vase from the 1950's, Riihimaki, Finland, using a Venetian filigree glassblowing technique
Mouth of Nanny Still glass Tohveli onion shaped vase with filigree technique, Riihimaki, Finland
Nanny Still 'Tohveli' Vase
Organic Modernist glass onion vase with filigree technique designed by Nanny STill in 1953 for Riihimaen lasi Oy
Nanny Still elegant glass vase from Finland using the filigree technique, Tohveli, 1953
Nanny Still 'Tohveli' Vase
Nanny Still 'Tohveli' Vase
Early design by Nanny Still 'Tohveli' Finnish organic modernist glass onion vase with filigree technique, Riihimaki, 1950's
Nanny STill Riihimaki glass vase 'Tohveli' in the shape of an onion.
Nanny Still Tohveli glass vase from Riihimaki Finland
Nanny Still 'Tohveli' Vase
Nanny Still hand etched signature on early Riihimaki design
Nanny Still 'Tohveli' Vase
Nanny Still 'Tohveli' Vase
Nanny Still 'Tohveli' Vase
Riihimäen Lasi Oy

Nanny Still 'Tohveli' Vase

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Nanny Still's 'Tohveli' series of filigree glass objects was designed towards the beginning of her career in 1953, and like Still's earliest works, the series differs in style to her later geometric designs by taking influence from Organic Modernism; a predominantly Finnish design movement that encouraged designers to look towards nature and experiment with modernity in a soft and abstract manner. This design ethos can be observed in the beautifully soft & natural shapes demonstrated by each member of the 'Tohveli' series, which consists of abstract leaves, lily pads or buds. 

 This vase, crafted in a soft pink hue, takes a subtle & natural form reminiscent of a perfect onion, bulb, or flower bud. The organic shape is delicately enhanced by a white filigree netting that follows the objects curves to create an attractive optical effect. Filigree, a historic Venetian glassblowing technique, employs glass rods to create linear patterns within the glass. The technique is renowned for its highly decorative properties and was explored by only a handful of Scandinavian designers during the mid-20th Century. 

This exquisite vase offers not only a renowned & early example of Nanny Still's celebrated work, but also an insight into her earliest vision of Modernity, abstracted from both nature & history. 

Model Name: "Tohveli" (Slipper)

Designer: Nanny Still

Manufacturer: Riihimäki Glassworks

Year of Design: 1953

Date Produced: C. 1953

Colour: Lilac with white filigree

Height: 13.5 cm, Diameter: 13.5 cm 

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Hand etched "Nanny Still Riihimäen Lasi Oy".