Profile image of a green nanny still pompadour vase which can also be used as a candlestick
Detail shot showing foot of a pompadour vase. Image shows the clarity of the glass used and that the object is cased glass
Close up of the base of a Nanny Still model 1945 pompadour vase by Riihimäki glassworks
Side view of a tall pompadour vase laying on its side, image shows the fluidity of the mid-century shapes used within the form
Detail of the underside of the pompadour vase by Riihimäen lasi oy showing the excellent condition
front shot of tall vibrant green glass candlestick by Finnish glass designer Nanny Still
Detail of the overhanging rim of the Pompadour design. The shelf is decorative but also catches wax when used as a candlestick holder
Detail view of the rim of the candlestick which is in perfect condition, Design by Nanny Still, 1966
A tall and short version of Nanny Still's Pompadour design stood side by side.
An image showing the Pompadour design by Nanny Still in use as a candlestick holder for tapered dinner table candles
An image of a small and large Pompadour vase stacked on top of each other. A great way to add height to a dinner party table setting
Close up of a small steel blue Pompadour vase stood inside of a large olive green pompadour vase. Both designed by Nanny Still, 1966
Profile image of a model 1945 Pompadour vase designed by Nanny Still for Riihimaki glassworks, finland, 1966
Riihimäen Lasi Oy

Nanny Still 'Pompadour' Vase Candlestick

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A tall, jubilantly shaped 'Pompadour' vessel designed by Nanny Still, 1966. This piece is olive green and clear cased glass, and was produced at the Riihimäki Glassworks, Finland.

The hooped form of this design not only captures the spirit of the late-1960s but allows the vessel to be multifunctional. This piece can be used as a vase or is perfectly shaped to accommodate dinner candles.

Model Number: 1945
Model Name: "Pompadour"
Designer: Nanny Still
Manufacturer: Riihimäki Glassworks
Year of Design: 1966
Dates Produced: 1967-73
Colour: Olive Green
Height: 28 cm
Diameter: 7.5 cm
Condition: Perfect