Rare Nanny Still balloon vase "Ilmapallo" produced at Riihimaki glassworks 1961
Nanny Still Ilmapallo vase
Nanny Still 'Ilmapallo' Vase
modernist Nanny Still Purple Ilmapallo balloon vase
Nanny Still 'Ilmapallo' Vase
Nanny Still 'Ilmapallo' Vase
Scandinavian purple glass vase designed by Nanny Still for Riihimaen Lasi Oy
A group of rare and early pieces of Scandinavian glass designed by Nanny Still for Riihimaki glassworks, including saturnus, ilmapallo, amber and slipper
Rare Scandinavian Ilmapallo vase designed by Nanny Still, Finland, 1961
Riihimaen Lasi Oy detail of Nanny Still Balloon vase
Nanny Still Ilmapallo balloon vase in purple
Nanny Still 'Ilmapallo' Vase
Riihimäen Lasi Oy

Nanny Still 'Ilmapallo' Vase

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An ‘Ilmapallo’ (Balloon) vase or art object designed by Nanny Still for Riihimäki Glassworks, 1961.

Just as the name suggests, this piece of glass is a bulbous inflated balloon shaped bubble, on a stem, with the pale violet colour of the transparent glass being also suggestive of the designs' visual lightness.

The successful drama captured in the ‘Ilmapallo’ series owes thanks to Still's development of the 'Harlekiini' service in 1958. Undoubtedly, this is where Still mastered how to exploit strong colour and juxtapose bulbous geometric forms with elongated or squat silhouettes. Still’s exaggerated Bottles (1959) and Saturnus (Saturn) vessels (1960) were also designed just after the seminal Harlekiini service.

Model Name: 'Ilmapallo' (Balloon)

Designer: Nanny Still

Manufacturer: Riihimäki Glassworks

Year of Design: 1961

Dates Produced: 1961-2

Colour: Purple

Height: 21 cm

Diameter: 12 cm

Condition: Perfect