museum quality example of Kaj Franck's Harso vase
a close up image of an early Nuutajarvi Notsjo sticker
aerial shot of the harso vase decorated with the ariel technique at Nuutajarvi Notsjo
Close up showing the superb execution of the ariel technique on this Harso vase by Kaj Franck
The underside of harso vase showing very faint etched signature
Detail shot showing the waves etched into the side of the vase by kaj franck 1953
Above shot of kaj francks harso vase in natural sunlight
Close up of the rim showing the thick glass used in the making of the harso vase by kaj franck
kaj francks harso vase complete with original early Nuutajarvi factory sticker
nicely illuminated harso vase showing all the trapped air bubbles in kaj franck excellent scandinavian design
Nuutajärvi Notsjö

Kaj Franck 'Harso' Vase

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An early, museum quality example of a 'Harso' vase designed by Kaj Franck, Finland, 1953.

The shape of the vase is free-blown whilst the decorative pattern within has been achieved using the ariel technique.

Essentially, a wave pattern has been acid etched around the glass at the core of the piece. Overlaying the translucent off-white core is clear glass which has trapped air bubbles in the recesses of the etching beneath. 

Nuutajärvi Glassworks produced this design, with the Model Number KF108, for 6 years, from 1953 to 58.


Model number: KF108 

Model Name: 'Harso' 

Designer: Kaj Franck 

Manufacturer: Nuutajärvi Notsjö 

Year of Design: 1953 

Dates Produced: 1953-58 

Colour: Off-White, Clear 

Height: 10.5 cm, Width 7.5 cm, Depth 6.5 cm

Condition: Perfect 

Branding: Faintly etched signature and early sticker.