Yngve Blixt studio pottery vase from Höganäs, Sweden, a vintage 1960's collectable ceramic vase.
Vintage Yngve Blixt stoneware vase, 1960's, handmade in Höganäs, Sweden
Organic brown ochre and olive green glaze vase by Yngve Blixt, Höganas, Sweden, 1961
Handmade Swedish studio pottery stoneware vase by Yngve Blixt, Höganäs
Stoneware Yngve Blixt brown ochre and olive green natural organic pottery vase
Vintage ochre and olive green glaze handmade studio pottery vase by Yngve Blixt
Natural home decor from Sweden, a handmade stoneware pottery vase by Yngve Blixt, 1960's, Höganäs
Yngve Blixt studio pottery brown ochre and olive green vase from Sweden, 1960's
Organic natural aesthetic for the home, a studio pottery handmade brown and green ochre vase by Yngve Blixt
Scandinavian studio pottery vase by Yngve Blixt, Sweden, 1960's
Brown ochre and olive green glazed vase by Yngve Blixt, 1961, pottery from Sweden
Dripping glossy olive green glaze on Yngve Blixt natural pottery vase
Yngve Blixt studio pottery vase with olive green and brown glaze, 1960's, Höganäs
Höganäs Sweden decorative flower vase by Yngve Blixt, Sweden, with brown glaze
Brown ochre glaze on an Yngve Blixt vintage studio pottery vase, 1960's
Detail of impressed decoration on an Yngve Blixt vintage Swedish studio pottery vase, 1960's, Höganäs
Detail of varied brown, ochre and green glaze on Yngve Blixt studio pottery vase
Yngve Blixt Höganäs 1960's pottery signature marks
Yngve Blixt Höganäs 1961 studio pottery marks
Yngve Blixt olive green vintage vase from Höganäs, Sweden
Höganäs vintage studio pottery natural organic homeware vase by Yngve Blixt with green ochre glaze
Höganäs Yngve Blixt studio pottery vase, 1960's Swedish design
Group of Swedish 1960's ceramics, a Berndt Friberg Gustavsberg dish, an Yngve Blixt ochre vase and a Rörstrand Modernist vase by Carl-Harry Stålhane
Yngve Blixt Studio, Höganäs

Yngve Blixt Vase

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A stoneware vase with impressed decoration, handmade by Yngve Blixt in his studio in Höganäs, Sweden, 1962.

Yngve Blixt formed his own studio in 1949 in the Swedish pottery town of Höganäs. By the early 1960's he was creating elegant stoneware objects characterised by organic glazes & essential forms with subtle curves and minimal decoration. His Earth-like designs from this period share a natural aesthetic; green and brown glazes applied to ancient forms with a tactile nature.

The pleasing shape of this vase is reminiscent of an ancient earthenware cooking pot from India or South America; the form has an ageless & permanent feel. The round body is gently shouldered, and then gently flared at the rim. The tactile vessel has been glazed in a varied olive green & ochre glaze. A refined yet subtle richness is achieved with the use of texture; the the ochre glaze is matte, whilst the olive green glaze is glossy. This play of texture enhances the objects visual interest & tactility. The vase features a subtle decorative collar of impressed circles; this timeless embellishment is both ancient and modern. The decoration perfectly reflects the style of the early 1960's, yet is reminiscent of many artefacts from numerous ancient civilisations. 

Designer: Yngve Blixt

Manufacturer: Yngve Blixt

Year of Design: 1962

Date Produced: 1962

Colour: Green, ochre, brown

Height: 13.5 cm, Diameter: 15 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Incised mark ‘Yngve Blixt Höganås 62' and very lightly incised ‘4A 711’