Lead profile image of a WWII era cast lead submarine ship. Handmade in Britain in the early- to mid-twentieth century.
Rear view of a cast lead model of a submarine on a dark brown wooden base. The submarine features a rich patina making it look like an actual old weathered ship.
Zoomed in image showing the bow of a submarine and it gun. This mid-20th century cast lead model was made as a toy or a war room plotting piece in Britain in the 1940s or 50s.
Top down view of a cast lead metal submarine on a brown wood base. The mid-20th century vintage antique sit atop a tablecloth in a green yellow colour.
Close up of the front half os a WWII era submarine. The bow of the submarine is pointed and the vessel has a large gun.
Mood image showing a battle ship grey coloured cast lead model of a submarine. A classic mid-twentieth century British collectable.
Side on view of a cast lead submarine toy or war plotting room model. This stylish military antique and many other collectables are available to view and buy in South West London at Art & Utility.
Detail showing the pointed bow of a metal model of a submarine. This item was made in Britain in the 1940s or 1950s during WWII.
Sideview of a World War Two British submarine with a large gun, periscope, and antenna.
Detail showing age related wear to the wooden base of a WW11 cast lead model of a submarine. The base has now been waxed and is ready to use as a paperweight.
Mood image showing a Second World War era British Royal Navy Submarine.
Close up showing the bronze nails that make up the antenna, periscope and gun on this mid-century cast lead model of a submarine.
Photo showing the wooden base of a cast lead model. The surface is clean and smooth.
Image showing a cast lead model of a submarine in sunlight. The submarine is a WWII era vessel and its patina is fittingly battle ship camouflage grey.
A 1940s or 1950s cast lead model of a submarine. The mottled and speckled patina on the surface coincidentally looks like camouflage.
A die cast model of a mid-twentieth century submarine. This is a period British military antique.
Mid-20th Century

Wartime Cast Lead Model of a Submarine

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A vintage model of a submarine mounted on a wooden plinth. The main body of the vessel is cast lead whilst its protruding periscope, antenna and gun are nails that appear to be made of bronze.

Whether this object was made as a toy or for use in a wartime Operations Room is unknown. Perplexingly, the model seems too substantial to be a toy and too elaborate to be a piece on a WWII plotting table. Either way, being crafted in Britain in the 1940s or 1950s, makes it a unique piece of military history, whatever its exact story.

Adding further sophistication to this brilliantly shaped item is the rich and even patina that covers all parts of the model. The modest wooden base is smooth to its underside to allow for use as an eye-catching paperweight or desk ornament.

Manufacturer: Unique handmade item

Year of Design: C. 1945

Colours: Grey, brown

Height: 10.5 cm, Width: 23 cm, Depth: 6 cm

Condition: Very good, natural patina.