Profile image of a rare Walter Bosse seal ashtray. Although minimalist the few lines cut into the brass along with the holes for the eyes and nose are extremely characterful.
Close up of the side of a seal ashtray designed by Walter Bosse. In the image you can see the intricate filing the object received. This creates a better surface for the black patination to adhere too.
A detail showing the head of a brilliantly modelled Seal animal designed by Walter Bosse in the early 1950s. A very scarcely seen Herta Baller made item.
Walter Bosse designed Seal ashtray produced by Herta Baller circa 1950. The expression on the seal's face is completely convinces us that he/she enjoying a relaxing sunbathe.
Top down view of a Walter Bosse ashtray or egg cup or ball candle holder in the shape of a Seal animal. Production by Herta Baler, Vienna Austria circa 1950.
detail showing the minimalist stylisation of the face of a seal, so convincingly executed by Herta Baller to the design of Walter Bosse. Late-1940s or Early-1950s.
Detail showing some age related wear to the head and body of a Seal cub shaped ashtray designed by Walter Bosse. Somehow, the yellow brass showing through the black patinated surface makes the seal's fur even more realistic.
Image of the head of a Walter Bosse Seal Cub ashtray. Modernist design made in Vienna Austria in the mid-20th century.
Look down onto the head of a Seal shaped ashtray designed by leading Vienna Bronze gold and black line animal creator Walter Bosse.
Low side view of an ashtray in the form of a seal cub. The graceful bending of the animals neck, flippers and feet make the floating animal surprisingly realistic.
Straight on image of the feet or flippers of a seal cub designed by Walter Bosse for Herta Baller. The subtle and elegant curve in the animal extremities convince its audience that it is resting and enjoying a relaxing float on the top of the water.
Detail showing the many file marks that cover Herta Baller production Bosse. The workshop creates these microscopic grooves to help the black patination stick better. The image also shows how some of the black patina has worn away -indeed, it is not a permanent surface finish.
A baby seal cub enjoying a relaxing sun bathe on the top of the water. The seal's stomach is a small bowl where a ball candle could be placed.
Side view of an incredibly sculptured Modernist Seal Cub. Design by Walter Bosse. Produced by Herta Baller. A great example of Modernist Viennese Bronze.
Close up of the underside of a rare and early production Walter Bosse design by Herta Baller. The Stamp reads 'AUSTRIA' 'BALLER'.
Aerial shot of a baby seal cub ashtray or egg cup designed by Walter Bosse and produced by Herta Baller in Austria the mid-twentieth century.
Mood image showing three baby seals playing. Two sit atop icebergs whilst one floats on its back. All three black and gold line figurines were designed by Walter Bosse and produced by Herta Baller in Vienna, Austria, in the mid-twentieth century.
Side view of a rare seal ashtray designed by Walter Bosse, this design and many others are available to see in South West London and/or buy online at Art & Utility's design gallery website..
Baller Austria

Walter Bosse Seal Tray

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A rare dish in the form of a bathing seal, designed by Walter Bosse & produced by Herta Baller, in the early 1950's. 

Most with an interest in Mid-twentieth century design know that Austrian-born Walter Bosse was a prolific designer. For this reason, collectors of his work are still occasionally delighted by the surprise discovery of new designs.

Bosse's 'egg-cup' animals, particularly the cat variant, are some of his best-known works. However, this seal incarnation is an especially rare model, which we have never seen before. Needless to say, we were super excited to have found it -not least because of how beautifully the relaxed sunbathing seal has been modelled.

The joyful seal floats on his back with polished golden flippers outstretched. His empty stomach suggests he was likely designed as an ashtray, or an egg cup, but the object could also be used as a ball-candleholder or vide poche for jewellery. 

Designer: Walter Bosse

Manufacturer: Herta Baller

Year of Design: C. 1950

Dates Produced: C. 1950-1955

Colour: Black, Gold

Width: 7.7 cm, Depth: 8 cm, Height: 3.7 cm,

Condition: Very Good. Slightly rubbed patina from age & use.

Branding: Herta Baller Stamp