Profile image of a rare Walter Bosse corkscrew in the form of an owl. When not in use the thread of the screw is concealed within the owl's body.
A black and golden mid-twentieth century Austrian brass novelty corkscrew in the shape of an owl bird. This rare and collectable Modernist design by Walter Bosse.
Detail showing the striped body of a freestanding Walter bosse owl corkscrew bottle opener. The lower sections of the items surface are black patinated whilst the raised or higher areas are polished to reveal the base material which is brass.
A discombobulated Owl bird corkscrew bottle opener designed by Walter Bosse. The item is perhaps not Herta Baller production but the high quality of its manufacture matches her output.
Top view showing the two parts of a Walter Bosse freestanding corkscrew. The thread of the corkscrew is embedded in the head of the owl.
Close up showing how a rare owl shaped Water Bosse corkscrew is constructed. This large high quality piece of Bosse is just one of many that feature in the collection of Art & Utility, London.
Head on shot of a wide eyed owl. This mid 20th sculpture is the work of Walter Bosse who was famous for creating thousands of 'Black golden' line animals that were intended to make as many people as possible smile.
Close up showing the delicately rendered ear of an owl sculpture by leading 20th century Austrian designer Walter Bosse who was a contemporary of Carl Auböck II.
A small black and golden yellow metal owl concealing a corkscrew. This clever and whimsical design is by Walter Bosse who was a leading Austrian Modernist artist.
A vintage 1950s modernist corkscrew in the shape of an owl designed by Walter Bosse, Austria.
Image of the back or reverse of a large freestanding owl shaped corkscrew. This rare and collectable design is by Walter Bosse who's work is always available to see and buy on
Close up showing the black patinated finish on the back of a Walter Bosse owl figurine that also doubles up as a corkscrew bottle opener. This large exquisitely executed design is a rare example of Walter Bosse's work.
Detail showing how the edges of this large rare and unusual Walter Bosse owl corkscrew have been very well finished.
Close up showing the fine execution on this Owl shaped bottle opener corkscrew by Walter Bosse. Rather than being painted the dark surfaces have been black patinated in an electrified acid bath.
Image showing how the head of this vintage 1950s Walter Bosse owl shaped corkscrew can be turned, which is highly fitting for an owl.
Close up showing the fine tool marks on the feet of a large Walter Bosse owl shaped bottle opener corkscrew. The high quality of manufacture is akin to Herta Baller's production but we believe this design was made after Bosse and Baller parted ways.
Detail showing the base of a Walter Bosse owl figurine that also doubles up as a corkscrew. As per the image, this item although rare and substantial has not need stamped with either the country of origin or the manufacturers makers mark.
Top down image showing an idiosyncratic rendering of an owl by Walter Bosse. This sculpture that also performs as a corkscrew bottle opener is a fantastic example of Bosse's work and Austrian Modernism.
Image of a large pointy eared owl cast from brass. This highly unusual and idiosyncratically rendered sculpture is the work of Walter Bosse one of the most prolific Modernist Austrian designers of the twentieth century.
Close up showing the age related wear and patination on the polished stripes on the belly of a vintage 1950s owl shaped corkscrew. This large and unusual work is a rare example of Walter Bosse design.
Baller Austria

Walter Bosse Owl Corkscrew

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A concealed freestanding corkscrew in the form of an owl, designed by Walter Bosse in the early 1950s.

This large 'black-golden' line design was produced to the highest quality by Herta Baller, Vienna, and brilliantly demonstrates Walter Bosse's renowned ability to characterise animals with abstract shapes.

The owl is solid brass, and has gone through a process of patination and polishing. The high-contrast between the areas of black and the golden shine, paired with Bosse's distinctive & Modernist style, ensures this owl makes an eye-catching and wonderfully decorative object for the home. The owl is more than just a figurine, however, as he hides a handy secret; his head, with its expressive face, lifts off to reveal a corkscrew.

Designer: Walter Bosse

Manufacturer: Walter Bosse

Year of Design: C. 1958

Dates Produced: C. 1958-63

Colour: Black, gold

Height: 9.5 cm, Width: 8 cm, Depth: 4 cm

Condition: Very good