Modernist lion-shaped pretzel holder made from patinated brass, designed by Walter Bosse for Herta Baller workshop, Vienna, Austria, 1950's
Modernist Lion pretzel holder with friendly face, designed by Walter Bosse and produced by the Herta Baller workshop, Vienna, Austria
Walter Bosse black patinated lion pretzel holder
Walter Bosse Lion Pretzel Holder
Walter Bosse Lion Pretzel Holder
Walter Bosse Lion Pretzel Holder
back of black patinated brass animal pretzel holder, designed by Walter Bosse, 1950's.
Walter Bosse Herta Baller Austria lion pretzel holder, Vienna, back view
Walter Bosse Lion Pretzel Holder
Walter Bosse Lion Pretzel Holder
Walter Bosse lion detail of pretzel holder tail
Walter Bosse lion pretzel holder, a detail of polished golden tip of tail
Walter Bosse brass lion pretzel holder designed in the 1950's in the Modernist style
Walter Bosse Baller Austria lion pretzel holder, made from patinated brass, produced by Herta Baller 1950's
Walter Bosse Herta Baller golden sticker on the base of a vintage brass pretzel holder lion
Walter Bosse Baller Austria golden sticker on patinated brass lion
A large group of vintage Walter Bosse pretzel holders, produced by Herta Baller. The group includes Bosse mouse, elephant, dog, chipmunk and lion.
Baller Austria

Walter Bosse Lion Pretzel Holder

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A magnificent brass lion pretzel holder, designed by Walter Bosse and produced by Herta Baller, Austria. 

In true Austrian fashion, this charming lion was originally designed to serve as a holder for pretzels; a delightful addition to any gathering. The lion is one of the largest of Bosse's many 'pretzel holder' designs, and perfectly demonstrates the instantly likeable aesthetic of his highly sought-after work. 

The lion features a large, round & friendly, smiling face. His mane has been polished to a shine, whilst his tail features a plume of golden fur. Whilst the lion was initially intended for party food, he makes a distinctive and stylish ring holder. 

The design dates from the early 1950's, and Bosse's objects from this period are loved & collected not only for their fantastic design, but also for their quality of materials & craftspersonship.

Designer: Walter Bosse

Manufacturer: Herta Baller

Year of Design: C. 1950

Dates Produced: C. 1950-55

Colour: Black, Gold

Height: 17.5cm, Width: 12.5 cm (including ring), Depth: 2.5 cm

Condition: Good with some signs of age and use. Light corrosion in multiple areas of the body.

Branding: Herta Baller Sticker