A full set of six stacking hedgehogs beautifully sculptured by Modernist designer Walter Bosse.
Detail of the wonderfully idiosyncratic face of a Modernist hedgehog ashtray set designed by Walter Bosse, Germany, 1950s.
A full family of six stacking hedgehog ashtrays designed by Walter Bosse in Germany, following his exist from Austria in the early-1950s.
Classic mid-20th century Modernist ashtray design by Walter Bosse. When not in use, the set of six dishes create a perfect three-dimensional sculpture of a hedgehog.
Side view of a black patinated and gold polished brass hedgehog formed by stacking ashtrays. Famous Austrian design by Walter Bosse and in the permanent collection of Seth Rogan's company, Houseplant.
Detail showing the cute pointy nose of a brass hedgehog designed by Walter Bosse. The tip is polished brass which is a subtle detail that makes this idiosyncratic design very characteristic of a hedgehog.
Head on shot of the front of a hedgehog designed by Austrian brass animal sculptor Walter Bosse. Classic highly collectable mid century modern Austrian design made famous by Seth Rogan.
Detail showing the gold coloured spikes of a polished and patinated brass hedgehog. Original vintage example of one of the most famous mid-century designs by Austrian artist Walter Bosse, Germany, 1950s.
Shot showing the rear of a small fat hedgehog. The beautifully round animal is created by six stacking ashtrays. The family of six were designed by Walter Bosse and this design is arguably his most enduring.
An adult hedgehog with a baby hedgehog. The small create on the left is the smallest stacking ashtray from the full set of six designed by Walter Bosse. Original 1950s vintage collectable design.
A set of six hedgehogs walking about and climbing over each other. The stacking brass animal ashtrays were designed by Walter Bosse, Germany.
Detail showing the minimalistic but ever so characterful faces of a family of hedgehogs designed by Walter Bosse in Germany in the early 1950s.
Top down shot showing into the bowls of 6 small ashtrays in the shape of hedgehogs. Design by leading Austrian Modernist Walter Bosse, a contemporary of Carl Auböck II, Richard Rohac, and Karl Hagenauer.
Top view looking down on the bellies of six hedgehogs. The Modernist gold and black line brass animals are a set of stacking ashtrays designed by Walter Bosse.
Close up of a the smallest hedgehog from the set of six stacking hedgehogs designed by Walter Bosse. An indictor of the authenticity and age of this set is how well the feet of the tiny baby hedgehog have been cut and finished.
A set of six hedgehogs designed by Walter Bosse stood in a circle. The bowls inside each of the ashtrays are in good condition although do show use.
Low down shot showing a family of brass hedgehogs designed by Walter Bosse interacting with each other. The noses of the larger animals are polished to real the gold colour of the brass underneath the black patination.
Close up showing one of the young adult hedgehogs within a set of original vintage 1950s German production stacking hedgehogs designed by Walter Bosse.
A full set or family of six stacking hedgehog ashtrays designed by Walter Bosse.
Back rear view of a complete and original vintage set of mid-1950s stacking hedgehogs in the form of a Hedgehog. Design by famous Modernist Austrian designer and animal lover Walter Bosse.

Walter Bosse Hedgehog Ashtrays

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An original family of stacking hedgehogs by Walter Bosse, 1950's. These hedgehogs are perhaps Walter Bosse's most famous design. They were produced in Germany, and this set is a fine and early example.

Most of Walter Bosse's work was produced during the 1950's by Herta Baller, Vienna, but when Bosse moved to West Germany in 1953, he designed an entire portfolio of new work to be produced outside of Austria. The hedgehog ashtrays were conceived during this time.

The six hedgehogs, each with their own unique characteristics, were designed as personal ashtrays which can be stacked, when not in use, to form a large hedgehog figure. The spines of each hedgehog are shaped perfectly to accommodate a cigarette. 

Unfortunately, the clever design was stolen and copied by numerous manufacturers during the 1960's. Bosse fought for most of his life in unprecedented legal battles for the copyright of his design. He would eventually win, and resultantly these cute and unassuming characters are the basis of most copyright laws today, making them truly historically significant little hedgehogs.

Designer: Walter Bosse

Manufacturer: Walter Bosse

Year of Design: C. 1955

Dates Produced: C. 1955-65

Colour: Black, Gold

Height (Stacked): 7.5 cm, Width: 12 cm, Depth: 7 cm

Condition: Perfect