Collectable Walter Bosse black patinated brass bottle opener with a baby horse or foal, designed for Baller Austria in the 1950's, this item is available to buy in London from Art & Utility
close-up of Walter Bosse for Herta Baller foal or horse design, on a bottle cap opener
Walter Bosse horse bottle opener with baby foal, designed in Austria in the 1950s
Sculptural foal or baby horse on a 1950s vintage patinated brass bottle opener designed by Walter Bosse for Baller Austria
Detail of Walter Bosse patinated brass foal bottle opener with horse, produced by Herta Baller in the 1950's, Vienna
Walter Bosse rocking horse bottle opener, vintage modernist design from Austria
Reverse of vintage mid century modern brass bottle opener designed by Walter Bosse, showing clear authentic Baller Austria stamp mark
Baller Austria stamp mark for Walter Bosse, an authentic mark from the 1950s, on a horse bottle opener
modernist brass horse bottle opener with patinated surface and polished areas of gold, showing lerly an authentic Baller Austria mark
Reverse of horse bottle opener designed by Walter Bosse for Baller, Austria
Pair of Walter Bosse foal or horse designs from the 1950s including a rocking horse miniature figurine and a horse bottle opener produced at Herta Baller workshop, Vienna, Austria
Walter Bosse sculptural horse bottle opener in patinated brass, designed in the 1950s and produced by Baller Austria
Modernist Walter Bosse partinated brass horse bottle opener
Modernist 1950s Viennese bronze bottle opener in the shape of a horse designed by Walter Bosse for Baller Austria
Walter Bosse horse or pony bottle opener, designed in the 1950s for Baller Austria
Walter Bosse foal bottle opener in patinated brass
Baller Austria

Walter Bosse Foal Bottle Opener

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A brass bottle opener, adorned with a figure of a playful foal. This object dates from the 1950's and was designed by Walter Bosse for Herta Baller, Austria.

The stylised horse stands on the top of the opener in a bucking position. Parts of the patinated object have been carefully polished to create contrasting areas of gold.

In response to the enduring drear of postwar years in Central Europe, Bosse designed this whimsical 'black-golden' line of patinated brass animals to "make as many people as possible happy."

Early examples, like this, are revered for their quality of design and manufacture. 

Designer: Walter Bosse

Manufacturer: Herta Baller

Year of Design: C. 1950

Dates Produced: C. 1950-55

Colour: Black, Gold

Height: 8.5 cm, Width: 4.7 cm, Depth: 0.9 cm

Condition: Very Good, signs of use.

Branding: Baller Austria Stamp