Vintage Walter Bosse Herta Baller elk or reindeer figure from Baller Austria
Sculptural elk moose figure designed by Walter Bosse for Herta Baller, Austria, 1950s
Rear of Walter Bosse deer figure with polished brass tail and rounded, sculptural body
Side view of stylised modernist brass figure of an elk deer by Walter Bosse Baller Austria
Walter Bosse figure of a reindeer
Walter Bosse charming Baller Austria figure of an elk or reindeer from the 1950's available to buy at Art & Utility London
Friendly face of Walter Bosse modernist patinated brass figure of an elk
Herta Baller Austria original sticker black golden line 1950's Vienna
Softly curved sculptural body of modernist patinated brass moose figurine designed by Walter Bosse for Baller Austria, 1950s
Modernist brass metal figure designed by Walter Bosse of a friendly moose or elk deer
Rear of Walter Bosse Austria deer figure from 1950's
Friendly triangular face of large Walter Bosse figure with polished brass antlers
Rear of Walter Bosse reindeer elk figurine from 1950s Vienna Austria
side of stylised vintage patinated brass deer figure, 1950s
Rear of Walter Bosse modernist brass figure of an elk or moose
Baller Austria

Walter Bosse Elk Figure

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Whilst Walter Bosse is famous for his delightful animal-shaped 'useful objects' in metal, such as bottle openers, letter openers and corkscrews, his purely decorative works, such as this elk figure, greatly display his artistic proficiency not only as a designer but as a sculptor too.

The elk's body has been sculpted with roundness & softness to suggest an amiable nature. The stylised face and small mouse-like ears portray, also, a friendliness and warmth; a feeling strengthened by the gentle pose, and somehow unmarred by his large golden antlers. 

The object was beautifully crafted in the Herta Baller workshop in Vienna, Austria, in the early 1950's.

The figure is larger than most examples of Bosse's work, but retains the charm and adorability widely associated with his portfolio. 

Designer: Walter Bosse

Manufacturer: Herta Baller

Year of Design: C. 1950

Dates Produced: C. 1950-55

Colour: Black, Gold

Height: 9.5 cm, Width: 11 cm, Depth: 4 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Herta Baller Sticker