Walter Bosse Herta Baller mother and baby deer black gold patinated brass animal figures from the 1950's
Walter Bosse Bambi deer mother and fawn 1950's
Detail of Walter Bosse fawn and deer design featuring black patination technique. A Modernist Austrian design.
Close-up of face of 1950s modernist brass deer Bambi mother figure, produced at Baller Austria
Baby fawn and deer sculptures by leading Austrian artist and metalworker Walter Bosse
Characterful Walter Bosse deer fawn figure with mother from Herta Baller, Vienna, Austria 1950s
Small Walter Bosse deer figurine designed by Walter Bosse
Walter Bosse deer family with mother and baby brass figures made in Austria and inspired by Walt Disney's Bambi 1942
Walter Bosse design deer figures from Herta Baller, Vienna, 1950s inspired by Walt Disney's Bambi
A pair of deer sculptures in bronze patinated brass, designed by Walter Bosse, 1950s
Hand crafted Midcentury Modern Walter Bosse deers for Herta Baller Vienna
Underside of Walter Bosse black and gold animals showing Baller Austria stamp marks
Large black deer and baby fawn figures by designer Walter Bosse
Walter Bosse baby fawn deer playing with mother deer, Austrian inspired by Walt Disney Bambi
Bambi black patinated Walter Bosse deer figurines 1950s
Baller Austria

Walter Bosse 'Bambi' Deer Family

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A highly characterful mother deer & fawn, designed by Walter Bosse and produced at the Herta Baller workshop, Austria, circa 1953. 

Whilst Bosse designed hundreds of animal objects and figurines from the 1940's into the 60's, he very rarely took inspiration from popular culture. References, if any, were generally from traditional Germanic tales such as 'The Musicians of Bremen' or 'Max & Moritz'. Whilst the story of Bambi was originally written by an Austrian author, Felix Salten in 1923, the way in which Bosse has modelled the deers undeniably evokes Walt Disney's stylisation in the 1942 film. 

The deer have been beautifully modelled by Bosse and cast to an exceptional standard at Herta Baller's Viennese workshop. Bosse has captured so much personality in the patinated brass figures, particularly the mother deer, with her wide and observing eyes and perky tail. She is larger and more substantial than most of Bosse's other works, as she shields the young fawn whose timid stance warrants her care and protection.

Together, these deer are a highly decorative and evocative pair, and would be a stand-out addition to any Bosse collection. 

Designer: Walter Bosse

Manufacturer: Herta Baller

Year of Design: C. 1950

Dates Produced: C. 1950-55

Colour: Black, Gold

Mother, Height: 10 cm, Width: 9 cm, Depth: 6 cm

Fawn, Height: 5 cm, Width: 4 cm, Depth: 2.5 cm

Branding: “Baller Austria” stamp (mother) & “Austria” stamp (fawn)

Condition: Perfect