Mid Century Modern Kosta engraved prism glass paperweight by Vicke Lindstrand
Glass prism bird cage sculpture 2415 Kosta Sweden designed by Vicke Lindstrand
Mid century modern glass sculpture by Vicke Lindstrand with engraved birds
Engraved birds on birdcage prism designed by Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta, Sweden
1960s Vicke Lindstrand Bird cage Prism paperweight
Engraved birds on 1960s Vicke Lindstrand prism sculpture from Kosta Sweden
Reflecting prism sculpture or paperweight designed by Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta Sweden
Detail of bevelled edge on Vicke Lindstrand glass prism 1960s
Detail of glass sculpture by Vicke Lindstrand Kosta Sweden 1960s
Detail of Vicke Lindstrand MCM glass prism Kosta
Detail of engraved bird by Vicke Lindstrand Kosta Sweden
Mid Century Modernist Vicke Lindstrand paperweight with engraved birds
1960s Kosta Sweden glass bird cage sculpture by Vicke Lindstrand
Engraved birds on glass prism by Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta Sweden 1960s
Base of Vicke Lindstrand Kosta Sweden bird cage engraved prism paperweight 2415
Vicke Lindstrand Prism engraved paperweight with hand etched signature
Base of Vicke Lindstrand Kosta 2415 paperweight engraved with birds
Vicke Lindstrand Kosta Prism paperweight base with etched signature Kosta 1960s
Etched Kosta Vicke Lindstrand signature 1960s prism
Kosta Sweden prism birdcage paperweight designed by Vicke Lindstrand
Kosta glass Vicke Lindstrand engraved sculpture 1960s

Vicke Lindstrand 'Bird Cage' Prism

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A large engraved sculpture from Vicke Lindstrand's 'Prism' series for Kosta, Sweden, circa 1965. 

This brilliantly clear glass prism has been hand-engraved with birds. The design makes use of the naturally reflective properties within a prism; the birds are reflected within, creating a different three-dimensional scene from each of the object's three sides. 

Vicke Lindstrand is a prominent figure in the history of Scandinavian glass. He is best regarded for his contributions to the success experienced by Orrefors glassworks during the 'Swedish Grace' movement of the 1930's. Lindstrand's engraved pieces from this era display highly naturalistic neoclassical figures, and include some of the most important examples of Swedish glass ever created. 

His later engraved pieces, for Kosta, such as this piece, are often narrative and whimsical, featuring stylised animals and figures. A large example of Lindstrand's engraved glass from this later period can be found in the collection of the British Museum. 

Model number: 2415

Designer: Vicke Lindstrand

Manufacturer: Kosta

Year of Design: C. 1965

Dates Produced: C. 1965

Colour: Clear

Height: 10 cm, Width: 9 cm, Depth: 7.5 cm

Condition: Very good. Very minor scratches.

Branding: Hand etched ‘Kosta 2415 Lindstrand'.