Organic Modernism glass heart vase designed by Timo Sarpaneva for Iittala
Modernist iittala finnish glass heart vase by Timo Sarpaneva
Iittala Timo Sarpaneva 3557 heart vase
Vintage organic modernist scandinavian glass vase designed by Timo Sarpaneva
Timo Sarpaneva Heart Vase
Timo Sarpaneva for Iittala art object in the shape of a heart
A pair of Modernist Finnish glass art objects or vases designed by Timo Sarpaneva for Iittala, 1950's
A pair of Timo Sarpaneva art pieces or vases made at Iittala, Finland, 1950's
Iittala Timo Sarpaneva glass heart vase made in Finland
Timo Sarpaneva 3557
Iittala Timo Sarpaneva Signature

Timo Sarpaneva Heart Vase

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Iittala are widely regarded as the most important post-war glass manufacturer in the world. Their huge success was accelerated in the 1950's when innovative designs by Tapio Wirkkala and Timo Sarpaneva took the Milan Triennale's by storm. This secured the glassworks' reputation as innovators in modernist design, and positioned Finland as a beacon of progressive ideas for the modern world. 

The sheer energy and enthusiasm at the factory during the mid 20th century can be attributed to the rivalry between the two aforementioned designers. This conflict only brought out the very best in each designer, defining the language of modernism in the process.

This elegant vase was designed in 1953 by Timo Sarpaneva. The organic shape gently takes the form of a heart, and suspended within floats a small cavity to take a stem of a small flower. This is an excellent example of Sarpaneva's artistic capabilities, exploiting the unique liquid properties of the medium of glass to create an object of poetry.

Model Number: 3557

Designer: Timo Sarpaneva

Manufacturer: Iittala

Year of Design: 1953

Dates Produced: 1953-60

Colour: Clear 

Height: 6.5 cm, Width:  7 cm, Depth: 5.5 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Signed to base with ‘Timo Sarpaneva Iittala 57’