A tall Modernist Scandinavian carafe designed by Finnish designer Timo Sarpaneva.
Detail shot showing the expertly executed pouring lip of Timo Sarpaneva's Model 2519 carafe. Not only does this detail look great but it pours without dripping.
The main body of Timo Sarpaneva's Model 2519 carafe. The flattened form means it would work excellently as a wine carafe as the increased surface area of the wine would help it to aerate or 'breath'.
Mood side shot showing Timo Sarpaneva's Model 2519 carafe in natural daylight. The colour and clarity of the glass is superb.
Top view of the flattened body of Timo Sarpaneva's Model 2519 carafe, the design is inspired by the carafes with a low centre of gravity used on historic sailing ships.
A Model 2519 pitcher by Timo Sarpaneva stood between other Scandinavian designs including vases by Per Lutken, Nanny Still and a carafe by Kaj Franck. The glass has a similar translucency.
An elegant Mid-twentieth century glass wine carafe designed by Timo Sarpaneva, Finland.
The squashed mallet shaped body of Timo Sarpaneva's classic mid 20th century model 2519 pitcher designed as part of the 'i' series produced by Finlands leading glassworks Iittala.
The underside of Timo Sarpaneva's Model 2519 pitcher, base has very little wear and features a hand written TS signature.
Close up of the 'T.S' hand inscribed into the bottom of Timo Sarpaneva's Model 2519 pitcher. Original 1960s Finnish design available from Art and Utility, London.
Timo Sarpaneva's Model 2519 pitcher laying on its side, the olive green colurway of this pitcher is less commonly found compared tot he blue and purple items also produced as part of the 'i' series by IIttala in the 1960s.
A tall elegant organic modern Scandinavian poitcher designed in the 1960s by Timo Sarpaneva, available for shipping worldwide, including post to Japan.
Detail of the thin walled soda glass used in the production of Iittala's 'i' series designed by leading Finnish glass artist Timo Sarpaneva.
Close up showing the beautifully elegant and brilliantly functional pouring lip on a model 2519 Timo Sarpaneva pitcher, Mid Century design for sale in London.

Timo Sarpaneva 2519 Pitcher

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An olive green pitcher by Timo Sarpaneva for Iittala, Finland. 

This elegant modernist carafe was designed circa 1960 as part of Sarpaneva's 'i' series of fine table glassware. The popular series included a number of coloured pitchers and drinking glasses.

This carafe features an exaggerated, flattened form with a long cylindrical neck. The object's bold style is amplified by the depth and richness of the green coloured glass. 

Iittala's famous red 'i' logo was designed by Timo Sarpaneva for the 'i' series which this carafe belongs to. The logo was later adopted by the company as their main branding, and is still in use today.

Model number: 2519

Designer: Timo Sarpaneva

Manufacturer: Iittala

Year of Design: c. 1960

Dates Produced: c. 1960

Colour: Olive Green

Height: 17 cm, Diameter 11 cm

Condition: Perfect 

Branding: Etched with 'TS'