Profile image of a Susan Parkinson Pottery Toucan porcelain figurine, 1950's British Modernism.
Mid Century Modern Toucan bird figurine designed by Susan Parkinson, England
Mid Century Modern bird figurine, designed by Susan Parkinson
Abstract painted design on Susan Parkinson toucan figurine
Abstract sgraffito design on an early Susan Parkinson Pottery small toucan bird porcelain figurine, 1950's
Detail of Susan Parkinson bird figurine showing wax resist method of decoration
Splattered abstract decoration on Susan Parkinson toucan bird figurine 1950's
British Postwar design porcelain figurine by Susan Parkinson, 1950's, model 1 'small bird' or 'Toucan'
Decoration on Susan Parkinson 'small bird' figurine, model number 1
Toucan bird figurine designed by Susan Parkinson, 1950's model number 1
Modernist porcelain bird figurine by Susan Parkinson Pottery, Ashford, Kent, 1950's
Stylised Modernist festival of Britain style porcelain bird by Susan Parkinson
Toucan design by Susan Parkinson Pottery
Sculptural bird figurine designed by Susan Parkinson, inspired by Picassoettes
Abstract design bird figurine by Susan Parkinson
Small Bird figurine, model 1, Susan Parkinson Pottery
Susan Parkinson small bird model 1
Base of Susan Parkinson small bird or toucan
Base of Susan Parkinson toucan bird gigurine with original price pencil 6/11 mark
Elegant 'small bird' design in the Modernist Postwar British style, Susan Parkinson Pottery, Kent
Mid Century Modern ornament bird figure by Susan Parkinson, 1950's
Painted wax-resist method and sgraffitio decoration on ceramic bird by Susan Parkinson, 1950's
Sleek, Modernist porcelain bird figurine designed by Susan parkinson Pottery, Ashford, Kent, 1950's
Toucan figurine by Susan Parkinson Pottery
Group of Susan Parkinson Modernist bird figurines, 1950's, including an owl, toucan and robin
Parkinson Pottery

Susan Parkinson "Toucan"

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Susan Parkinson's "Toucan" was the very first design produced at Parkinson Pottery, and has the model number '1'.

The design dates from 1952, when the Parkinson's were only just beginning to explore slip-casting as a method to produce Susan's work. Significantly, this bird is from the very first mould that Susan Parkinson designed & made herself.

The bird's sleek & Modernist design is partly due to practicality; the Parkinson's were still learning how to cast, and needed to start with a simple form. Susan's skill as a sculptor, however, allowed her to produce a design which was uncomplicated yet remarkably enticing.

The abstract bird features a large, pointed beak and an elegant silhouette, and is composed with a fluidity and precision that brilliantly captures the distinctive creature's essence with only a few gestures. The bird's monochromatic decoration has been achieved with wax-resist & sgraffito method, and depicts the loose brushstrokes and swirling lines typical of Parkinson's brilliant work.

The remarkable ability to capture the distinct character of any animal in a highly simplistic way was the basis of the Parkinson's success, and this design set the stylistic precedent for the Pottery's later ceramics production. This initial work contains all of the signature elements for which Susan Parkinson is renowned.

Although widely referred to as a "Toucan", the official name of this early design is simply 'Small Bird', although Richard Parkinson would also refer to this design as an 'Egyptian Coptic'.

Model Number: 1

Model Name: ‘Small Bird’

Designer: Susan Parkinson 

Manufacturer: Parkinson Pottery 

Year of Design: C. 1952

Dates Produced: C. 1952-60

Colour: Black, white 

Height: 9 cm, Width: 6 cm, Depth: 9 cm 

Condition: Perfect. Archaic retail price written in pencil to underside ‘6/11’

Branding: Impressed with ‘R' mark, for ‘Richard Parkinson Pottery’