Indulge in the abstract sophistication of this Richard & Susan Parkinson porcelain cruet, a fusion of artistry and functionality, perfect for any home and modernist design lover.
Susan Parkinson cruet, revealing the intricate craftsmanship and thoughtful design of the Parkinson Pottery.
Elevate your dining experience with Richard & Susan Parkinson's neoclassical column decorated cruet, blending classical elegance with contemporary flair.
Susan Parkinson's striking monochromatic porcelain cruet, a Modernist masterpiece meticulously crafted by hand at the Parkinson Pottery.
 Post-war British design Richard & Susan Parkinson salt and pepper duo, adorned with wax-resist sgraffito, echoing the spirit of the era.
Susan Parkinson's ergonomic squat porcelain cruets, an innovative Modernist design showing influence from Pablo Picasso.
Mid-20th century British salt and pepper shakers by design Richard & Susan Parkinson, blending style and functionality effortlessly.
Charming pair of midcentury modern Richard & Susan Parkinson salt and pepper shakers.
Experience the sleek elegance of Richard & Susan Parkinson's ergonomic cruet design, a testament to their innovative approach to tableware.
Collectible and charming pair of mid-20th century Parkinson Pottery cruet, a coveted piece of pottery history brought to life by Richard & Susan Parkinson.
Slip-cast porcelain salt & pepper duo by Richard & Susan Parkinson, showcasing their commitment to Modernism, practicality, and exquisite craftsmanship.
Enrich your tabletop with Susan Parkinson's pottery salt and pepper shakers, adorned with neoclassical columns, Modernist design with a tribute to classic British style such as Georgian design.
Richard & Susan Parkinson's small salt and pepper set, the post-war British design blends of form and function.
Susan Parkinson's monochromatic porcelain cruet, a stunning example of Picasso inspired artistic vision in Modernist post-war British design.
A midcentury modern cruet set by Richard & Susan Parkinson, a sought-after treasure for collectors and design enthusiasts alike.
Underside detail of a Susan Parkinson black and white porcelain salt shaker, excellent craftsmanship.
Top-down view of Susan Parkinson's salt and pepper set, a fine example of post-war British Modernist design, sleek and ergonomic.
Parkinson Pottery

Susan Parkinson Small Pepper & Salt

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A porcelain cruet, designed by Susan Parkinson and created in her pottery in Brabourne Lees, Kent, circa 1955. 

In the early years of Richard & Susan Parkinson Pottery, the pair experimented with tableware alongside their production of ornamental animal figures. This endeavour was not a great success, mostly due to the affordability of tableware from large potteries in Staffordshire such as Midwinter, who were also producing forward-thinking Modernist designs. The Parkinson's methods of production were laborious & time-consuming, so their output commanded a high retail price which was not competitive in the Postwar market. 

This 'Small' salt & pepper set is the second of three slip-cast porcelain cruets designed by Susan Parkinson. This pair is a smaller and potentially more practical version of Susan's first cruets which were tall & slender. The duo's squat form is sleek & ergonomic, fitting perfectly in the hand. Their slightly organic shape reflects Britain's Modernist aesthetic of the mid-1950's. 

The cruet has been decorated in Susan Parkinson's typical monochromatic style using the wax-resist method, and features abstract depictions of Neoclassical columns. The salt is mostly white and features swirling finials & fine lines, whilst the pepper is mostly black, and has been painted with tapering vertical lines.

Model Number: 60

Model Name: ‘Small Pepper and Salt’

Designer: Susan Parkinson 

Manufacturer: Parkinson Pottery 

Year of Design: C. 1955

Dates Produced: C. 1955-60

Colour: Black, grey, white 

Height: 10 cm, Width: 7 cm, Depth: 5 cm 

Condition: Very Good. A manufacturing flaw on the pepper pot, around one hole.  

Branding: Unmarked