Policeman Bottle Stopper from Parkinson Pottery, a Mid-Century British design by Susan Parkinson circa 1956.
Collectible Policeman & Gendarme Head Bottle Stopper Reflecting mid-20th-century British craftsmanship from Susan Parkinson Pottery, vases from Holmegaard, Denmark.
Post-war British Design: Porcelain Policeman & Gendarme Bottle Stoppers by Susan Parkinson.
Midcentury Charm: Parkinson Pottery's Policeman Head Bottle Stopper embodies British Postwar Design, inspired by the Festival of Britain.
Iconic Policeman Helmet features on Bobby Bottle Stopper by Susan Parkinson Pottery, timeless ceramic design from the 1950s
Parkinson Pottery Collectable Policeman Head Bottle Stopper influenced by Nicholas Vergette
Rare British Parkinson Pottery Policeman Bottle Stopper reflecting Postwar Mid-Century design.
The Artistic Brilliance of Susan Parkinson's Policeman Helmet Bottle Stopper, a cherished addition to any Parkinson Pottery collection.
British Policeman Bottle Stopper: Mid-20th-century craftsmanship from Susan Parkinson Pottery.
Susan Parkinson Pottery's design heritage, a Policeman Head Stopper captures British Postwar life.
The Creative Vision of Susan Parkinson Policeman Bottle Stopper, 1950’s.
Collectible British Design, Parkinson Pottery's Policeman Bottle Stopper
Fantastic Artistic Vision of Parkinson Pottery's Policeman Head Stopper by Susan Parkinson.
Parkinson Pottery Legacy: Postwar British Policeman Bottle Stopper showcases Susan Parkinson's ceramic craftsmanship.
Rare Parkinson Pottery Policeman Head Stopper embodies mid-century British design aesthetic.
Collectible British Policeman Helmet Bottle Stopper from Parkinson Pottery
British Design History: Rare Parkinson Pottery British Policeman Bottle Stopper representing post-war creativity.
Rare Policeman Bottle Stopper from Parkinson Pottery celebrates British craftsmanship
Collectible Susan Parkinson Policeman Head Bottle Stopper reflects Parkinson Pottery playful aesthetic
Parkinson Pottery

Susan Parkinson Policeman Bottle Stopper

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A Parkinson Pottery bottle stopper modelled on a “Bobby” (British police officer), designed by Susan Parkinson circa 1956.

Cashmore & Smith-Vincent [1] record that the pottery was requested of bottle stoppers by the American market. Specifically, buyers in the US wanted something typically British. First Susan created a bird topped stopper, and one adorned with a fish. Of course, neither of these could be said to be particularly British, so she then designed the policeman bottle stopper complete with the distinctive custodian helmet.

The policeman's head was a great success, which led Susan to extend the series by incorporating three additional stoppers with military heads designed by Guy Neale. Namely these were the French gendarme, grenadier guard, and cavalry officer.

Neale’s designs predated Parkinson’s, being the pottery’s first experimental bottle stoppers. However, for his designs to enter the pottery’s normal production range it was necessary for the moulds to be remade. This work was undertaken by Susan who also decorated the heads in the pottery’s typical style. Resultantly, the four stoppers featuring heads of 'officials' sit harmoniously together and make a brilliant collection.

[1] Cashmore, Carol and Vincent-Smith, Tim. 'Susan Parkinson and the Richard Parkinson Pottery' (Carol Cashmore, 2004).

Model Number: 96

Model Name: ‘Policeman Bottle Stopper’

Designer: Susan Parkinson 

Manufacturer: Parkinson Pottery

Year of Design: C. 1955

Dates Produced: C. 1955-60

Colour: Black, grey, white 

Height: 14 cm, Width: 5.5 cm, Depth: 7 cm 

Condition: Perfect. Please note small glaze imperfection on brim of helmet, photographed. This due to how the bottle stoppers where positioned in the kiln -laying down.