Hand painted Susan parkinson pocket owl porcelain figurine
Vintage Susan Parkinson mid century modernist pottery with Guy Sydenham pen holder
Richard and Susan Parkinson pottery small 'pocket owl' figure designed and made in Postwar Britain
Susan parkinson 'Pocket Owl' modernist studio pottery from the 1950s
Modernist small owl figure designed by Susan Parkinson 1950s
Mid century modern studio pottery owl figurine by modernist designer Susan Parkinson
Susan Parkinson pocket owl figurine from Parkinson Pottery, Kent, 1950s
Back of abstract modernist owl porcelain figure by Susan Parkinson, showing brush strokes and sgraffito
Side view of painted owl by Susan Parkinson showing sgraffito technique
cute vintage 1950's British pottery owl figurine by Susan Parkinson
Susan Parkinson Pottery marks 1950's Made in England
Underside of Susan parkinson owl figurine showing studio pottery marks for Richard Parkinson Pottery and Made in England Stamp
Side of Susan Parkinson Owl
Susan Parkinson Pottery owl and bird, 1950's British Studio Pottery
Stylised face and hand painted details on Susan Parkinson owl, 1950s, England
British Modern Small Owl by Susan Parkinson, England, 1950s
Parkinson Pottery

Susan Parkinson "Pocket Owl"

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A porcelain model of an owl, designed by Susan Parkinson and created in her pottery in Brabourne Lees, Kent, circa 1955.

This expressionist model of an owl is a convincing caricature despite the abstract nature of Parkinson's design. When designing a new model, Parkinson focussed only on the most essential elements of the animal to create stylised impressions with unique personalities. Here, the essence of an owl has been successfully captured with just a few key features; the incredibly large eyes, small beak and round stature. 

The owl's character and personality are amplified by loose brushstrokes and swirling lines; markings which suggest the owl's feathers. 

With the model number 46, this 'small owl' became affectionately known at the pottery as the "pocket owl" as the size and shape allows it to fit into the pocket perfectly.

Model Number: 46

Model Name: ‘Small Owl’ or ‘Pocket Owl’

Designer: Susan Parkinson 

Manufacturer: Parkinson Pottery 

Year of Design: C. 1955

Dates Produced: C. 1955-60 (Mould updated in 1960)

Colour: Black, white 

Height: 8.5 cm, Width: 8 cm, Depth: 3.5 cm 

Condition: Perfect. Archaic retail price written in pencil to underside ‘6/6’

Branding: Impressed with ‘Richard Parkinson’ mark and ‘Made in England’