A Susan Parkinson Modernist Post-War British Hedgehog figurine: A playful reinterpretation of British Staffordshire flatbacks and whimsical animal ornaments.
Susan Parkinson Hedgehog, model 80, a collectible ceramic animal figurine that is whimsical, yet an embodiment of the essence of Modernist design influenced by the work of the Picassoettes; William Newland, Margaret Hine and Nicholas Vergette.
Susan Parkinson Hedgehog figurine - a delightful representation of a Midcentury Modern Hedgehog, intricately decorated using the wax resist and sgraffito technique.
A Post-War British Hedgehog figurine designed Susan Parkinson, a collectible Picasso inspired ceramic sculpture that also captures the essence of British whimsy.
A Susan Parkinson Hedgehog, a Mid-20th Century British design adorned with playful abstraction, a brilliant 1960’s design inspired by the London Coffee Bar Ceramics of the Picassoettes.
An elegant Modernist Hedgehog designed and made by Susan Parkinson, a collectible piece of post-war British pottery that reflects the artistic influences of William Newland and Margaret Hine.
Susan Parkinson Hedgehog Figurine, model 80, the Modernist sculpture is decorated using the wax resist and sgraffito technique which embodies the spirit of Midcentury Modern design.
 A collectible and charming Susan Parkinson Hedgehog figurine, a brilliant but largely overlooked example of Mid-20th Century Modernist British design.
A rare and collectible post-war Modernist Hedgehog figurine, inspired by Picassoettes, by Richard and Susan Parkinson.
Parkinson Pottery Hedgehog in black and white (1956) - A rare mid-century British ceramic design  collectible with a touch of Modernist Flair, Richard and Susan Parkinson.
A rare Parkinson Pottery Hedgehog Figurine (Model 80) - A Midcentury Modern collectible designed and made by Richard and Susan Parkinson.
Detail of the Parkinson Pottery's Modernist but playful interpretation of a Hedgehog (Model 80) - A Midcentury masterpiece by Richard and Susan Parkinson, Kent.
Behold the Endearing Silhouette of Parkinson's Hedgehog Figurine (1956) - A Picassoettes Creation from Richard and Susan Parkinson.
A whimsical Parkinson Pottery Hedgehog figurine (1956) - A rare Post-War British design collectible by Richard and Susan Parkinson.
Head on shot of the underside of the base of a Parkinson Pottery's Modernist Interpretation of a Hedgehog (Model 80) - A collectible gem from the Mid-20th Century, Richard and Susan Parkinson.
1.	Mood shot of Susan Parkinson's Rare Hedgehog Figurine (1956) - A Delightful Midcentury Modern Creation by the talented Post-War British artists, Richard and Susan Parkinson.
Parkinson Pottery

Susan Parkinson Hedgehog

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A stylised Hedgehog figurine by Susan Parkinson, 1956.

Following the success of Parkinson's mouse figurine, designed for the holiday souvenir trade, she created a handful of small creatures such as a robin, a small pig & this hedgehog. These were intended to supply the more numerous 'fancy goods' shops that emerged in Post-War Britain when tourism began to flourish once again.

This Hedgehog, model 80, proved to be one of Parkinson's most popular designs and was produced until 1960. After this date, the design was reimagined to have a flatter & longer silhouette. This earlier hedgehog has a plump silhouette, which we feel is most in-keeping with the animal itself.

The design is a wonderful caricature of the woodland creature, and displays a playfully Modernist style associated with Susan Parkinson's work. The piece has been decorated in Parkinson's signature monochromatic fashion yet is slightly more abstract than her other work; the design features painted 'stars' on his body, which appear as if he had been rolling in a pile of dry leaves or flowers. The eyes are large & abstract, and further indicate Parkinson's humour & playfulness. Painted in a spiral, or "swiss roll",  the figurine's eyes are a signature of Parkinson's work and are a feature of many of her designs.

Model Number: 80

Model Name: ‘Hedgehog’ 

Designer: Susan Parkinson 

Manufacturer: Parkinson Pottery 

Year of Design: 1956 

Dates Produced: 1956-60 (Mould updated in 1960)

Colour: Black, white 

Height: 4 cm, Width: 5.5 cm, Depth: 7.5 cm 

Condition: Perfect