Susan Parkinson Pottery wedding gift, bride and groom illustrated dish plate. A vintage item inspired by Festival of Britain, 1950's
Susan Parkinson illustrated dish, 1950's, showing her distinctively stylised sgraffito technique
Susan Parkinson illustration of a woman on a Modernist Festival of Britain inspired ceramic dish, 1950's.
Susan Parkinson human figural illustration of a groom, with a classic 1950's slicked hair style.
Mid Century Modern design from Susan Parkinson, a detail of graphic illustration
Detail of Susan Parkinson dish illustration
Susan Parkinson Pottery wedding gift dish, showing illustrated humans, a rare design from 1950's
Mid Century Modern dish designed by Susan Parkinson in a distinctive eye shape.
Modernist eye-shaped ceramic dish designed by Susan Parkinson
Modernist Susan Parkinson dish
Susan Parkinson illustrated dish
Detail of Susan Parkinson eye-shaped dish
Detail of Parkinson Pottery dish
Base of Susan Parkinson eye-shaped dish
Base of Parkinson Pottery eye-shaped dish
Parkinson Pottery

Susan Parkinson "Happy Couple" Dish

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A characterful dish designed & illustrated by Susan Parkinson at her pottery in Brabourne Lees, Kent, circa 1955.

Although Susan Parkinson is best known for her stylised figures of animals, her artistic skills did not end with sculpting; she was a distinctive & proficient illustrator. Her fantastic drawings, some of which feature in the 2004 publication 'Susan Parkinson and the Richard Parkinson Pottery', show her unique & expressive style translated in two dimensions.

The few plates and dishes produced at Parkinson Pottery often feature Susan's wonderful illustrations of animals, medieval figures or astrological signs, all sketched in her striking & stylised manner.

The way in which Parkinson illustrated humans was particularly distinctive. Her renditions of people are elongated, with large necks, small heads and squashed facial features. The playful proportions of her sketched human characters lends them a peculiar appearance, comparable to extra-terrestrials.

This decorative dish features a hand-drawn illustration of two humans, probably a newly married couple. Created using the wax-resist method, Parkinson's monochrome drawing is abstract & expressive. The female character has long curly hair, a cat-like nose and an extremely long & slender neck. The male character, depicted on a black background, has a classic 1950's slicked hairstyle and a face full of freckles. His proportions are equally exaggerated, with a small face and incredibly low shoulders. The couple are smiling happily, and both share wonderfully dimpled chins. The details of the sketch indicate a formal occasion; the male is wearing a jacket & tie whilst the female appears to be wearing a fancy pearl necklace. We think this item was originally intended as a wedding gift. 

The modern "eye" shape of this unconventional dish is both practical and distinctly 1950's in style; it perfectly reflects the aesthetics of Postwar British design, sparked by the incredibly influential 1951 Festival of Britain.

Designer: Susan Parkinson 

Manufacturer: Parkinson Pottery 

Year of Design: C. 1955

Dates Produced: C. 1955

Colour: Black, white 

Width: 18 cm, Depth: 14 cm, Height: 4 cm

Condition: Very good. Some small areas of discolouration.

Branding: Unmarked