Illustrated Postwar British fish dish by Susan Parkinson, inspired by the 1951 Festival of Britain
Fish dish by Susan Parkinson
Monochrome interior decor, a dish by Susan Parkinson with fish motif
English Modernist Design from Susan Parkinson Pottery, a diamond shaped dish illustrated with fish, 1950's
Postwar British design dish by Susan Parkinson, 1950's design
Susan Parkinson Pottery shallow diamond shaped dish with an illustration of fish
Mid Century Modern illustrated fish dish by Susan Parkinson Pottery
Mid Century Modern British ceramic dish designed by Susan Parkinson, 1950's
Susan Parkinson Pottery diamond-shaped Modernist dish with bold illustration of two fish
Susan Parkinson 1950's illustrated fish dish
Monochrome fish decoration on a Susan Parkinson dish, applied using sgraffito and the wax resist method
Parkinson Pottery illustration of monochrome fish, 1950's British Postwar design
Susan Parkinson sgraffitio illustrated plate dish with fish motif, Modernist design from 1950's
Susan Parkinson Fish Dish
Shallow diamond shaped dish by Susan Parkinson Pottery
Susan Parkinson Fish Dish
Susan Parkinson Pottery marks, Made in England
Made In England marks on Susan Parkinson Pottery dish
Parkinson Pottery

Susan Parkinson Fish Dish

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An unusual dish designed & illustrated by Susan Parkinson at her pottery in Brabourne Lees, Kent, circa 1955.

Although Susan Parkinson is renowned for her stylised figures of animals, her artistic skills did not end with sculpting; she was a distinctive & proficient illustrator. Her fantastic drawings, some of which feature in the 2004 publication 'Susan Parkinson and the Richard Parkinson Pottery', show her unique & expressive style translated in two dimensions.

The few plates and dishes produced at Parkinson Pottery often feature Susan's wonderful illustrations of animals, medieval figures or astrological signs, all sketched in her striking & stylised manner.

This decorative dish features a hand-drawn illustration of two fish. Created using the wax-resist method, the monochrome drawing is bold and expressive. Each fish features sharp geometric elements, such as their tail fins, and have been decorated with diagonal white stripes. The eyes and gills are confidently & expressively indicated with simple swooping brushstrokes. The mark-making featured on this dish is varied; feathery lines indicate transparent fins, whilst bubbles & water are cleverly indicated with abstract 'blobs' and smudges.

The form of this shallow dish is a soft diamond shape, with gently upturned edges. The Modernist form is not only practical, but is distinctly 1950's in style. The shape wonderfully reflects the aesthetics of Postwar British design, influenced by the Festival of Britain of 1951.

Designer: Susan Parkinson 

Manufacturer: Parkinson Pottery 

Year of Design: C. 1955

Dates Produced: C. 1955

Colour: Black, white 

Width: 22 cm, Depth: 15 cm, Height: 4 cm

Condition: Very good. Some scratches to the base and small areas of discolouration.

Branding: Indistinctly impressed with ‘Parkinson Pottery Made in England’ and hand-incised “Made in England”