Stig Lindberg 1981 unique textured oxblood miniature vase
Stig Lindberg group of unique textured ceramics from Gustavsberg including vases and bowl
Gustavsberg unique textured vase by Stig Lindberg 1981 featuring oxblood glaze and floral motif
Detail of Gustavsberg Stig Lindberg blue oxblood glaze
Detail of blue areas on Stig Lindberg oxblood miniature textured vase 1980s
Stig Lindberg Unique Oxblood Vase
Stig Lindberg Unique Oxblood Vase
Detail of floral motif on Stig Lindberg 1980s textured vase with white and oxblood glaze
Scandinavian Gustavsberg Stig Lindberg 1980s oxblood textured vase with floral motif
Stig Lindberg unique Miniature oxblood vase 1981 with floral motif
Stig Lindberg Gustavsberg Sweden scandinavian textured vase 1981
Detail of textured surface on Stig Lindberg unique vase with oxblood glaze
Stig Lindberg unique textured miniature oxblood vase with floral motif Studiohand 1981
Stig Lindberg Unique textured oxblood vase, 1981 Gustavsberg Sweden
Gustavsberg Stig Lindberg 1980's textured unique miniature vase with oxblood glaze
Stig Lindberg Miniature textured unique vase with vibrant red oxblood glaze and floral motifs, handmade at Gustavsberg studio in 1981
Detail of textured underglaze pattern on unique Stig Lindberg vase
Stig Lindberg 1981 Gustavsberg mark signature with studio hand
Gustavsberg Stig Lindberg signature 1981
Stig Lindberg 1981 studiohand signature mark
Stig Lindberg Unique Oxblood Vase

Stig Lindberg Unique Oxblood Vase

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This textured vase was designed by Stig Lindberg and handcrafted at Gustavsberg's art studio in 1981. 

The miniature vase is part of an extensive series of unique handmade objects which feature applied underglaze surface patterns. Whilst the texture is typical of Lindberg's unique works, this vase features an unconventional collar of impressed floral motifs. This unexpected decoration, stamped into the wet clay, indicates a small development in Lindberg's very late works for Gustavsberg where he returned to motifs for which he was known during the illustrative period of the 1950's.

Designer: Stig Lindberg

Manufacturer: Gustavsberg

Year of Design: C.1981

Dates Produced: 1981

Colour: Oxblood, white, blue, grey

Height: 9 cm, Diameter: 4 cm, 

Condition: Perfect.

Branding: Incised with ‘Stig L’ and Gustavsberg hand mark. The arrangement suggests that this piece is from 1981.