Vintage unique studio pottery Swedish bowl by Stig Lindberg, Gustavsberg
Stig Lindberg unique small brown bowl, 1960
Modernist studio pottery bowl by Stig Lindberg, Gustavsberg, showing incised underglaze stripe pattern
Textured Stig Lindberg unique brown bowl, 1960, an early example of underglaze texture
Mid Century Modern studio pottery from Stig Lindberg, a unique brown bowl with underglaze pattern
Vintage design, Stig Lindberg studio pottery brown bowl, 1960, handmade at Gustavsberg's art studio.
Group of Stig Lindberg Unique studio ceramics, available to buy in London
Stig Lindberg unique studio pottery, Gustavsberg Studio, 1960's, including a large purple vase, simple bowl, and heavily textured brown vase.
Unique Stig Lindberg bowl with stripe pattern, 1960's, buy in London
Detail of underglaze stripes on unique Stig Lindberg ceramic bowl
Stig Lindberg studio pottery, a unique simple brown bowl with underglaze pattern, 1960, Gustavsberg
Detail of Stig Lindberg brown two-tone glaze
Stig Lindberg studio pottery marks, 1960, Gustavsberg Studio
Simple Stig Lindberg unique brown bowl, 1960, buy in London

Stig Lindberg Unique Bowl

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This unique bowl was designed by Stig Lindberg and produced in the art studio of Sweden's foremost ceramics manufacturer, Gustavsberg, in 1960.

Whilst Lindberg is perhaps most famous for his brightly coloured 'Faience' pieces from the 1950's, his unique studio pottery, such as this bowl, are the designer at his most refined. These pieces share an organic aesthetic with earthy glazes & abstract textures which were often inspired by nature. 

This unique bowl features a silky light-brown glaze with dark accents. The glaze is understated yet beautiful. A ring of dark brown has been applied to the bowl's outside, whilst the glaze becomes dappled and gently textured towards the base.

The bowl's interior features a texture of incised vertical lines which intricately pool the two-tone glaze. Lindberg's unique works are defined by his extensive experimentations with underglaze textures & patterns. Dating from 1960, this bowl is a relatively early example of this form of decoration in Lindberg's work.

The bowl's form is gentle, and whilst it follows the ethos of beauty in simplicity, it retains Lindberg's enduring charm and masterly eye for detail.

Designer: Stig Lindberg

Manufacturer: Gustavsberg

Year of Design: 1960

Dates Produced: 1960

Colour: Brown, black, green

Diameter: 13 cm, Height: 5 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Incised with ‘Stig L’ and Gustavsberg hand mark. The arrangement suggests that this piece is from 1960.