Modernist Swedish studio pottery footed dish designed by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg featuring textured chessboard surface
Modernist Scandinavian studio pottery footed dish designed by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg, Sweden, with a rare blue vase designed by Carl Harry Stalhane for Rorstrand
Mid Century Scandinavian pottery from Gustavsberg designed by Stig Lindberg in 1971. This footed dish features a textured chess surface and brown and olive green glaze.
Swedish stoneware studio pottery chess textured dish by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg, Sweden's leading ceramics manufacturer in the 20th century
Stig Lindberg chess board textured studio pottery dish from 1971
Stig Lindberg Unique Footed Dish
Stig Lindberg studiohand chessboard pattern footed dish in brown and green glaze
Underside of Stig Lindberg Gustavsberg chequered pattern dish with olive green glaze
Stig Lindberg intricate glaze detail on a chess pattern footed studiohand dish showing green and brown glaze
Detail of Stig Lindberg textured chess pattern green and brown footed bowl, designed in 1971 and produced at gustavsberg Sweden
Stig Lindberg chessboard textured dish with foot
detail of Stig Lindberg footed dish showing brown glaze and textured areas of green
Stig Lindberg Unique Footed Dish
Rare modernist studio pottery Stig Lindberg brown chess pattern footed dish or bowl produced by Gustavsberg, Sweden, the leading manufacturer of 20th century Scandinavian Ceramics. The piece has an intricate textured surface and brown and green glaze.
Collection of Swedish studio ceramics from the mid 20th Century, including important designers Berndt Friberg, Stig Lindberg and John Andersen. The ceramics were produced at Gustavsberg, Rorstrand and Hoganas.
Rare Stig Lindberg Gustavsberg textured green and brown footed dish produced in 1971 at Gustavsberg Sweden, alongside a rare blue glazed vase by Carl Harry Stalhane, Rorstrand
Stig Lindberg Unique Footed Dish
Stig Lindberg Unique Footed Dish
Stig Lindberg 1971 studiohand mark from Gustavsberg Sweden with incised hand "G" and "Stig L"
Stig Lindberg Scandinavian studio pottery marks for 1971 Gustavsberg studiohand

Stig Lindberg Unique Footed Dish

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Stig Lindberg's highly individual ceramics are one of the many great successes of Sweden's homewares industry of the mid-20th Century. 

Produced by Sweden's foremost ceramics manufacturer, Gustavsberg, Lindberg's works reflect the charming and eccentric characteristics of the designer himself and, because of this, have experienced continued popularity from the start. 

Lindberg is perhaps most famous for his brightly painted Faience designs of the 1950's. The next decade however, was met with experimentations with surface texture and the use of intricate glazes in an elegant, earthy palette. This series of objects are Lindberg at his most refined, and whilst the vases & footed dishes do not rely on bright colours or characterful illustrations, they manage to retain Lindberg's distinctive charm and quirkiness in their informal-yet-elegant unexpected forms.

This unique footed dish features a rich tar-like glaze, from which an underlayer of light olive green emerges in a chequered pattern. The design was impressed into the wet clay before firing, and the pattern is repeated, subtly, on the inside wall. 

The unexpectedly masculine form is enhanced by the textured surface and features a short, swooping stem and exaggerated foot. The object's proportions and tactile form are a tangible example of Lindberg's intrinsic appeal.

Designer: Stig Lindberg

Manufacturer: Gustavsberg

Year of Design: C.1971

Dates Produced: 1971

Colour: Brown, Olive

Diameter: 9.2 cm, Height: 6 cm, 

Condition: Perfect.

Branding: Incised with ‘Stig L’ and Gustavsberg hand mark. The arrangement suggests that this piece is from 1971.