Art Deco Scottish ceramic 'Portovase' grave vases from Buchan Pottery, 1922
Two Buchan Pottery Art Deco grave Portovase vases 1922 with a green glaze and patent 207401
Portovase grave vases from Buchan pottery Scotland, Art Deco period, held up by hands
Small geometric Art Deco green ceramic Scottish vase from Buchan Pottery, 1922, morbid collectable antique
Antique curio British Art Deco grave vases from Buchan Pottery, Scotland
British Art Deco vases from Buchan Pottery Scotland
Mouth of antique Art Deco grave vases
Art Deco Buchan Pottery Portovase grave vases, a morbid collectable curio
Detail of patent for Portovase grave vases 246422 and 207401
Art Deco green Scottish ceramic grave vases from Buchan pottery, 1922, patent number 207,401
Pair of Art Deco sculptural grave vases by Buchan Pottery 1920s
Buchan Pottery

Sculptural Grave Vases

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A pair of antique ceramic grave vases, produced by A.W. Buchan & Co, Scotland, 1922.

The Art Deco geometric form and coloured green glaze allow these striking objects to be displayed as intriguing abstract sculpture. Their intended function isn't so obvious at first, they more closely resemble obelisks or architectural finials, but on inspection you can see that they were designed to be inserted into the ground, to hold flowers at a grave. 

The objects are highly decorative and work greatly as a pair.

The smaller vase is squared and has a slightly softer green hue, whilst the larger has an impressed decorative flourish underneath the glaze. The stake on the larger vase features the addition of a screw-thread. Both objects are stamped with Patent numbers, and the larger includes their name 'Portovase'. 

The larger vase has the patent number 246422, whilst the smaller has the patent number 207401. 

Manufacturer: Buchan Pottery

Year of Design: 1922

Colours: Green, White

Height (large): 23 cm, Diameter: 10 cm

Height (small): 20 cm, Diameter: 8cm

Condition: Good vintage condition, some chips on both 

Branding: Underglaze stamp with patent numbers