Lead image of a Brutalist scratch-built steel nutcracker, made in Britain in the mid-1970s. Great collectible piece of British folk art.
Detail of the rim of a rolled steel tube. One corner is folded over the create a hand-made feel. This unique folk art nutcracker and many other pieces of collectible design are available to buy from design gallery Art & Utility, London.
Close up of a steel cannon ball stood on a rectangular base next to a rolled steel tube. These are components of a three part nutcracker set, made in Britain in the 1970s. Large collectible Brutalist nutcracker.
Detail showing the base of a nutcracker set. The rectangular base has a dimple on which a cannon ball sits when not in use., and on the other end is a cradle in which nuts can be cracked. This is British Brutalist design, made in England in the 1970s.
A photo showing the three parts of a Brutalist nutcracker set stood apart from each other. The shapes are a ball, a rectangle, and a cylinder. This is a unique folk art piece available to buy in London from Art & Utility -who offer worldwide shipping.
A unique scratch built Brutalist nutcracker, made in Britain by hand in the mid-twentieth century.
Detail mood shot showing a silver walnut stood in a cradle where nuts can be broken open / cracked on this Brutalist nutcracker, handmade in Britain in the 1970s.
An action image showing a hand lifting a small cannon ball to be dropped down the chute of this scratch built folk art nutcracker, made in Britain in the 1970s.
An action shot showing a human hand about to drop a small cannon ball down a rolled steel tube that acts as a chute on this Brutalist scratch built nutcracker, made in England in the mid-20th century, circa 1975.
Action shot showing a hand dropping a round metal cannon ball down a steel tube. These handmade scratch built parts are components of a Brutalist nutcracker, made in Britain in the 1970s.
Top down view of a scratch built Brutalist nutcracker. The ball that smashes or cracks the nuts is concealed by the cylindrical tube or chute.
Fun mood image showing a hand revealing a cannon ball at the base of a tubular metal chute. The item photographed is a unique Brutalist nutcracker, designed and made in Britain in the 1970s.
Detail showing a cannon ball stood in a hemispherical cradle on a rectangular base. This Brutalist design is a unique scratch built folk art piece, designed and made in Britain in the 1970s. This sculptural MidCentury Modern design and many others can be bought from London based design gallery Art & Utility.
Striking head on shot showing how the components of this Brutalist nutcracker stand together when not in use. This quirky 1970s design is a rare folk art piece.
Detail showing the base of a handmade steel nutcracker. Beside the rectangular base is a silver walnut.
Close up showing the base of a British Brutalist nutcracker. The edges of the rectangular base are wavy indicating that this item is handmade and unique. Buy this rare example of Brutalist kitchenalia from London based design gallery Art & Utility.
Mid-20th Century

Scratch-Built Brutalist Nutcracker

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A unique scratch-built Brutalist nutcracker hand made from substantial pieces of steel, Britain, circa 1975.

The large sculptural nutcracker is composed of three pieces of superbly patinated metal, a base, chute, and cannon ball.

One end of the base has a partially drilled hole in which the solid cannon ball sits when not in use. Riveted to the opposite end of the rectangular base is a hemispherical cradle where nuts are cracked. Once a nut is positioned in the cradle, the tall tube is to be placed over the nut to form a chute down which the cannon ball can travel. Being made of solid steel, the cannon ball when free falling down the chute has no trouble hitting its target and breaking even the toughest of nuts.

Although made of thick gauge heavy steel, the nutcracker has a warmth and charm that derives from its deliberate handmade aesthetic, evident on each component in the set. For instance, the tube made from rolled steel has been left partially open, irregular, and a corner has been turned over to invite and guide the cannon ball in. A similar wavy edge can be observed on the base and the nut cradle.

Like the best Brutalist designs made in Britain in the 1970s, the nutcracker creates awe and intrigue but also a sense of approachability through its utilitarianism.

Year of Design: C. 1975

Colour: Black

Height: 24 cm, Width: 16.5 cm, Depth: 6.5 cm

Condition: Very good. Some signs of age related wear from use. Brilliant even patina on all parts.