mood image of a trio of modernist british studio pottery vases designed by brothers Jack and Wally Cole
top view of three mid century british earthenware flower pots designed and made by rye pottery under John (Jack) & Walter (Wally) Cole
Close up of the blue ink stamps on the bases of 1950s rye pottery vases. Makers mark reads Made in Rye Pottery England
detail of the rims and insides of three rye pottery vases with white tin-glazed internals 1950s design
A trio of rye pottery vases of different heights, proportions and colour. All vintage 1950s british modernist designs
a squat straight sided vessel designed and made in the 1950s by rye pottery, shortly after their success at The Festival of Britain 1951
detail of a pink sgraffito design ceramic vase for a spray of flowers great mid-century colours
image of an original vintage 1950s rye pottery vase with green glaze decorated with sgraffito
close up of the neck of an hourglass shaped 1950s ceramic vase by Rye pottery, Sussex, England
image of a very large rye pottery flower vase in black and white glaze, designed and made in england in the 1950s
Close up detailing the sgraffito technique on a rye pottery vase. By hand, lines have been scratched through a black surface to reveal the white lower layer
profile image of three hand-thrown and hand-glazed Rye pottery modernist vases from the 1950s
Rye Pottery

Rye Pottery Trio of Vases w. Sgraffito

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A trio of vases decorated using the sgraffito technique, designed and made at Rye Pottery, England, circa 1953. Charmingly, the form of each of the vessels has been designed to accommodate a different flower arrangement. 

The tallest cylindrical vessel has an uninterrupted wide-mouth for a conventional bouquet. Whilst the mouth of the smallest straight sided vase closes in on to itself to form a smaller opening for a spray of flowers. Smaller still is the mouth of the hourglass shaped vase which could be described as a bud vase, intended to hold a single, stemmed flower.

The vases also differ in colour but they are united by the Sgraffito decoration in their respective pink, green, and black glaze. All the vases have first had a white tin-glaze applied to them, then their unique colour has been applied all over the exterior area. Finally, lines have been scratched through to the white glaze beneath. Rye pottery employed the sgraffito technique in their work, to much success, shortly after their inclusion at The Festival of Britain in 1951.

Designers: John (Jack) & Walter (Wally) Cole 

Manufacturer: Rye Pottery 

Year of Design: C. 1953 

Date Produced: C. 1953 

Colour: Pink, green, black, white 

Heights: 11, 16, 21 cm, Diameters: 6, 6, 9 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Each stamped ‘Made in Rye Pottery England’.