Holmegaard per Lutken green glass Winston decanter and two glasses, designed in 1956
Green Holmegaard glass decanter, zdesigned by Per Lutken and inspired by laboratory glassware, 1956
Elegant Per Lutken Winston decanter, designed for Holmegaard in 1956 and inspired by laboratory conical flask
mid century modern 1950s danish Winston decanter designed by Per Lutken, Denmark
Per Lutken Winston decanter in green, inspired by laboratory glassware and produced in the 1950's, Denmark
Detail of cork for Per Lutken Winston decanter in bright green glass, designed in Denmark in the mid century modern era
Base of 'Winston' decanter, designed by Per Lutken for Holmegaard, Denmark
Detail of Holmegaard Windton decanter by Per Lutken in vibrant green glass
Detail of cork bung for green Winston decanter designed by per Lutken for Holmegaard in 1956
Detail of large Winston decanter by Scandinavian designer Per Lutken
Mid Century Modern Scandinavian glass decanter by per Lutken for Holmegaard and two matching glasses. Winston, designed in 1956.
Two Holmegaard drinking glasses in green
Two green glass Holmegaard Danish drinking glasses for Per Lutken Winston decanter
Large green glass Winston decanter by Per Lutken for Holmegaard
Green glass from Holmegaard, Denmark
huge glass decanter designed by Per Lutken for Holmegaard in 1956 with two glasses, available to buy in London from Art & Utility
Art & Utility London green glass Winston decanter, designed by Per Lutken for Holmegaard in 1956
Modernist Winston decanter by Per Lutken in green, designed for Holmegaard glassworks in 1956, Denmark

Per Lütken 'Winston' Decanter

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A Per Lütken 'Winston' Decanter, designed for Holmegaard in 1956.

It's easy to see the influence of laboratory glassware in Per Lütken's 'Winston' decanter. The tall, elegant form is reminiscent of a scientist's conical flask.

It's not only the clean, practical, and inherently elegant forms which were inspiring for Lütken & other designers at the time, but to take inspiration from Science was to acknowledge the changing world around them. The 1950's were characterised by an intense interest in the possibilities of science, and profound discoveries were made in all branches. The 'Winston' decanter brings this spark of excitement into a domestic setting.

The decanter's bright green colour was perhaps inspired too by chemistry and post-war positivity. This colour, along with the decanter's tall form, creates an eye-catching decorative object for the home. The piece retains an original cork, and we include two matching glasses.

Model number: 16192

Designer: Per Lütken

Manufacturer: Holmegaard

Year of Design: 1956

Dates Produced: 1956-65

Colour: Green

Height: 34.5 cm (without cork), Diameter: 11.5 cm

Height (glasses): 9.5 cm, Diameter: 7 cm

Condition: Perfect