Olle Alberius Rorstrand bowl with celadon glaze, showing swirl detail beneath glaze
Mid century modernist scandinavian ceramic bowl from Rorstrand, Sweden
1960s bowl by Olle Alberius with model number 291 from Rorstrand Sweden
Detail of yellow and green glaze on 1960s Rorstrand bowl designed by Olle Alberius
glaze detail of Olle Alberius green celadon bowl from Rorstrand sweden
Olle Alberius bowl from Rorstrand, Sweden with yellow glaze
Scandinavian studio pottery bowl by Olle Alberius with yellow celadon glaze
Mid century blue and yellow celadon glaze dish by Olle Alberius for Rorstrand Sweden
Rorstrand Sweden shallow bowl by Olle Alberius with yellow and blue celadon glaze
1960s yellow celadon bowl by olle Alberius
Underside of Olle Alberius bowl from Rorstrand
Underside of Olle Alberius bowl showing incised Rorstrand mark with signature
Mid century Scandinavian celadon bowl by Olle Alberius, displayed on a chinese wooden stand
Olle alberius celadon yellow bowl on a chinese wooden stand or plinth
mid century modernist ceramic bowl by Olle Alberius for Rorstrand displayed on its side with chinese wooden plinth

Olle Alberius Celadon Bowl

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A sizeable hand-thrown and hand-glazed bowl designed by Olle Alberius for Rörstrand, Sweden, circa 1965.

The ribbed surface of this unusual piece is reminiscent of Alberius' famous 'Bamboo' series, however the glaze, rim, and production method differ. 

This shallow but generous bowl features a soft yellow celadon glaze, with areas of blue, grey, and green. This piece offers an insight into the designer's experimentations with translucent coloured glazes. 

The subtleties of the many wondrous colours in this unique piece make it perfect backdrop for foods when entering guests. For instance, deep purple Kalamata olives couldn’t look better in anything else!

Model Number: 291/7

Designer: Olle Alberius

Manufacturer: Rörstrand

Year of Design: C. 1965

Dates Produced: C. 1965

Colour: Yellow, blue, grey

Diameter: 12.5 cm, Height: 4.5 cm

Condition: Good. Glaze scratches and some discolouration. 

Branding: Incised with Rörstrand logo, ‘OA’, ‘Sweden’ & model number ‘291/7’.

Please note: Wooden plinth not included.