Vintage Swedish brass wall sconce, circa 1950, handcrafted with unique hammered detailing.
Naïvely crafted brass wall sconce from Sweden, evoking charm and character.
One-of-a-kind hammered brass wall sconce, showcasing artisanal craftsmanship from the 1950s.
Quatrefoil-shaped brass wall sconce, embodying a symbol of luck and harmony.
Authentic Swedish brass wall sconce featuring a quatrefoil design, reminiscent of Gothic and Renaissance motifs.
Hand-hammered brass wall sconce, capturing the essence of traditional Swedish craftsmanship. For sale in London from Nordic design gallery Art & Utility.
Delicately crafted brass wall sconce, perfect for adding warmth and ambiance to any space.
Mesmerizing interplay of shadows and radiance created by the hammered brass detailing.
Rustic elegance meets vintage charm in this hammered brass wall sconce from Sweden.
Exquisite brass wall sconce with a rich patina, ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere.
Quaint and charming brass wall sconce, reminiscent of a bygone era of craftsmanship.
Unique hammered detailing on this brass wall sconce adds depth and character to any room.
Vintage Swedish brass wall sconce with a beautifully aged patina, perfect for rustic décor.
A MidCentury Modern Swedish wall mounted candle holder in brass. Hand-hammered brass wall sconce, exuding warmth and nostalgia in its design.
Quatrefoil-shaped backplate creates an enchanting light effect when illuminated by candlelight.
Mood image of two wall sconces. One candle holder and one shelf. Artisanal brass wall sconce, lovingly crafted with attention to detail, from the mid-20th century.
Mid-20th Century

Naïve Swedish Hammered Brass Wall Sconce

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A unique hammered wall sconce, naïvely handcrafted from brass in Sweden, circa 1950.

Although a humbly made object, this sconce, for one candle, has clearly been made with love, perhaps by a young student, for a family member or a romantic interest.

The shape of the main body is reminiscent of a quatrefoil (four leaves) an ancient symbol (of four overlapping circles) for good luck and harmony. The quatrefoil enjoyed its peak popularity during the Gothic and Renaissance eras but there are references in Moorish and Islamic structures that pre-date this.

The entirety of the quatrefoil shaped backplate has been hammered. Under candlelight, this creates a stunning light effect, a mesmerising interplay of shadows and radiance.

The candle holder & drip tray, and the arm which extend these from the backplate have also been hammered so all parts contribute to the atmospheric light display described above. In daylight the brass remains attractive as it now boasts an even and rich patina.

Year of Design: C. 1950

Date Produced: C. 1950

Colour: Gold, yellow

Height: 27.5 cm, Width: 18 cm, Depth: 7 cm

Condition: Very good. Clean but nicely patinated. 

Note: Fitting to attach to wall not included.