Stoneware British Studio Pottery 1970's salt glazed vase by Michael Mike Casson
1970's British Studio Pottery by Michael Casson with impressed landscape decoration, salt-glaze, wood-fired ceramics
Michael Casson British Studio Pottery stoneware salt glazed vase, 1970's, with landscape decoration
Mid Century Studio ceramics by Michael Casson, a salt glazed brown vase with landscape decoration of trees and hills
Michael Casson stoneware vase with impressed trees decoration, tutor at Harrow School of Art.
Michael Mike Casson landscape stoneware British Studio Pottery vase from the 1970's with impressed landscape decoration
Salt glazed British Studio pottery vase by Michael Casson , 1970's
Base of Michael Casson studio pottery vase 1970's
Michael Casson landscape vase with impressed trees decoration, 1970's salt-glazed wood-fired ceramic vase
Mid Century Michael Casson studio pottery vase with trees landscape decoration, sal-glaze, wood-fired brown vase with variations in colour
Detail of Michael Casson landscape vase with impressed trees decoration and salt glaze
Impressed landcape decoration with trees and river by Michael Casson, 1970's
Michael Casson studio pottery mark "M" 1970's
Michael Casson "Landscape" Vase
Michael Casson 1970's wood fired vase with impressed landscape decoration, British Studio pottery
Michael Casson vase with Berndt Friberg and Stig Lindberg smaller vases
Michael Casson

Michael Casson "Landscape" Vase

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A stoneware vase with impressed decoration, handmade by Michael Casson, 1970's.

During the post-war period, Britain experienced a surge of interest in the art of studio pottery. This phenomena was largely driven by a select group of influential potters, and amongst these luminaries was Michael (Mick) Casson.

Casson's distinctive style is characterised by robust forms, naturalistic glazes and abstract decoration. Whilst Japan was a key influence on many of his contemporaries, Casson found inspiration in the ceramics of ancient Greece, which is best observed in his jugs and pitchers.

Michael Casson's legacy extends beyond his body of work; he is also celebrated for his role as an educator. Renowned & remembered for his charismatic teachings, he influenced multiple generations of studio potters during his tenure at the Harrow School of Art, London. His workshop-style lessons helped to elevate Harrow's pottery course to global acclaim, whilst leaving an indelible mark on countless students, many of whom enjoyed successful careers in ceramics.

This vase belongs to a series of "Landscape" objects thrown by Casson during the 1970's. These stoneware vases and bowls were glazed and fired in a variety of techniques, but were unified by an incised or impressed "landscape" decoration of hills, rivers, and trees. This example has been salt-glazed, giving the piece an attractive sheen, whilst the the unpredictable wood-firing process provides a distinctively organic character, imparting dramatic variations of colour & texture across the whole piece.


Designer: Michael Casson

Manufacturer: Michael Casson (own studio)

Year of Design: C. 1975

Date Produced: C. 1975

Colour: Brown, sand, rust

Height: 15 cm, Diameter: 12 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Impressed mark, ‘M’