A cup and saucer decorated with Marianne Westman's rare 'King' pattern. This scarce hand-painted duo is a cherished vintage collectible that Art & Utility offer for sale and worldwide shipping.
Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the 'King' pattern features elegant, crested birds with tail feathers that look like foliage. Like the best of Marianne Westman’s designs this duo exude a sense of timeless grace.
A cup and saucer duo with the rare King pattern, produced by the esteemed Swedish ceramics manufacturer Rörstrand during the years 1964 and 1965, this set represents a remarkable piece of Scandinavian design history. Design by Marianne Westman.
Close up showing the controlled and confident brushstrokes and vibrant colours used in the 'King' pattern showcase Marianne Westman's artistic prowess and her ability to create captivating motifs.
As a rare find, this ‘King’ cup and saucer set by Marianne Westman holds a place of distinction among collectors and connoisseurs of mid-century Swedish ceramics.
Marianne Westman ‘King’ cup & saucer set. The crested birds depicted in the pattern lend an air of regal elegance to the cup and saucer, making them truly stand out on any table setting or shelf.
Detail of a Marianne Westman ‘King’ cup & saucer. Made with the finest quality materials, the cup and saucer boast a smooth and lustrous glaze that adds to their overall appeal. Produced by Swedish ceramics manufacturer Rörstrand.
Detail of a Marianne Westman ‘King’ cup. The ergonomic design of the cup's handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the saucer's wide rim offers stability and ample space for accompanying treats.
Marianne Westman's 'King' pattern captures the essence of the Swedish countryside, celebrating its avian inhabitants and lush flora in a brilliantly Mid-century style artistic tableau.
A Marianne Westman 'King' pattern cup and saucer. The vintage allure of this duos design transports mid-century collectors to a bygone era, evoking a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for Scandinavian design.
A Marianne Westman 'King' pattern cup and saucer. The vintage allure of this duos design transports mid-century collectors to a bygone era, evoking a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for Scandinavian design.
Top down view showing the manufacturers marks on the base of a cup and saucer in Marianne Westman's 'King' pattern. Each piece in the 'King' pattern set bears the Rörstrand stamp and the cup is stamped ‘King’ also.
Top down view showing Rörstrand Sweden's stamp on the base of a cup in Marianne Westman's 'King' pattern. The cup is stamped ‘King’ also.
Detail of the inside of a Rörstrand cup. The cup is white with a clear overglaze. An extremely rare Marianne Westman ‘King’ cup and saucer for Rörstrand. Owning this duo allows one to connect with the past, appreciating the creativity and talent that flourished during the golden age of Scandinavian design.
Areal view of the underside of a Rörstrand saucer. Rörstrand’s 'King' pattern encapsulates the spirit of Marianne Westman's vision, where functionality merges harmoniously with artistic expression.
A Marianne Westman ‘King’ cup and saucer for Rörstrand, the set's production between 1964 and 1965 adds historical significance, marking it as a genuine representation of mid-century Swedish design trends.
A cup and saucer in Marianne Westman's 'King' pattern. The intricate patterns and hand-painted motifs demonstrate the dedication and skill of the Rörstrand artisans involved in creating this fine piece of ceramic art.
Top down view of a 'King' cup & saucer. Whether displayed in a curio cabinet or used in daily tea or coffee rituals, the 'King' cup and saucer by Marianne Westman for Rörstrand add a touch of refined elegance to any setting.
A Marianne Westman ‘King’ cup and saucer for Rörstrand. The enduring appeal of the 'King' pattern lies in its ability to transcend time, resonating with contemporary design enthusiasts as much as it did in the 1960s.
Marianne Westman's 'King' pattern, with its crested birds and botanical motifs, stands as an homage to the beauty and richness of Sweden's natural landscape. Production by leading utilitarian ceramics manufacturer Rörstrand.
A classic Rörstrand cup and saucer decorated with the 'King' pattern by Marianne Westman exemplify the timeless allure of Swedish ceramics, bringing joy and admiration to anyone fortunate enough to behold them.
Marianne Westman's 'King' pattern for the famous Mid-20th century ceramics manufacturer Rörstrand features a striking design inspired by nature, showcasing a regal motif of birds and foliage in vibrant colours.
The Rörstrand cup and saucer adorned with Marianne Westman's rare 'King' pattern is a remarkable piece of Scandinavian ceramic artistry. This example is in perfect condition and Art & Utility ship globally, with lots of experience of posting to Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and China.

Marianne Westman 'King' Cup & Saucer Duo

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A cup and saucer decorated with Marianne Westman's rare 'King' pattern, produced by Rörstrand, Sweden.

The geometric form of the cup is Rörstrand’s classic model, delicately shaped and weighted with a graceful & comfortable handle. Its pure white porcelain base serves as a perfect canvas for this exquisite pattern and the many others created by Westman whose work represented almost half of Rorstrand's sales during their heyday.

However, ‘King’, unlike her other designs such as ‘Mon Amie’, ‘Picknick’ and ‘Red Top’ was produced for just one year, between 1964 and 65. Resultantly, the 'King' pattern, is incredibly scarce, and know as much for its rarity as its enchanting scene.
The pattern portrays two pairs of cheerful birds, stood facing each other they appear to be in conversation. Each bird is crested which gives the pattern its name, ‘King’, as the crests could be interpreted as crowns.

The 1960s Op Art inspired renderings of the birds have been painted in contrasting colours. One bird has a lime green body and leaf green tail feathers whilst their friend is lemon yellow and ruby red. The accompanying saucer, a perfect complement to the cup, is glazed with a pastel yellow colour.

The overall effect of this cup and saucer duo is one of understated elegance and fun. A testament to the enduring allure of Marianne Westman's work and Rorstrand's legacy, this exquisite set stands as a testament to the remarkable fusion of art and utility.

Model Name: ‘King’

Designer: Marianne Westman

Manufacturer: Rörstrand

Year of Design: C. 1963

Dates Produced: 1964 - 65

Colours: Green, yellow, red, black

Cup: Height: 6 cm, Width: 10 cm, Depth: 7.2 cm

Saucer: H: 2.5 cm, Diameter: 14.5 cm

Condition: Perfect.

Branding: Both pieces stamped ‘Rörstrand’, ‘Sweden’. Cup also stamped ‘King’.