Marianne Brandt Bauhaus chamberstick metal candle holder produced by Rupperlwerk, 1930
Bauhaus metal and glass candle holder designed by Marianne Brandt for Ruppel, Germany, in the Modernist style
Detail of Marianne Brandt metal candle holder chamber stick made by Ruppelwerk
Detail of enamelled steel chamberstick made by Ruppelwerk, Germany, and designed by Marianne Brandt in the Bauhaus style.
Steel enamelled candle holder in the bauhaus style designed by Marianne Brandt for Ruppel, 1930, showing geometric forms and handmade elements.
Marianne Brandt Ruppel Bauhaus chamberstick candle holder with handblown glass shade, 1930, Germany
Detail of geometric forms on antique Bauhaus candle holder designed by pioneer Marianne Brandt
Marianne Brandt Ruppelwerk detail of pressed steel handle with orange enamel
Detail of Marianne Brandt circular handle on antique Bauhaus candlestick
Bauhaus candle holder designed by Marianne Brandt for Ruppel, Germany in 1930. The design is made from geometric shapes.
Early Modernist industrial design for mass production, a Ruppelwerk chamberstick candle holder designed by Marianne Brandt in 1930
Marianne Brandt Ruppelwerk candle holder chamber stick with handblown clear glass shade
Bauhaus important industrial design by Marianne Brandt for Ruppel, Germany, 1930, a metal chamberstick candle holder with glass shade
Detail of handblown glass on Marianne Brandt Ruppel candle holder
Marianne Brandt Chamberstick
Marianne Brandt hand blown glass shade for Bauhaus candle holder
Marianne Brandt Chamberstick
Marianne Brandt Chamberstick
Bauhaus metal design by Marianne Brandt, an enamelled Ruppelwerke candle holder
Marianne Brandt Chamberstick
Marianne Brandt Ruppel Ruppelwerke candle holder designed in 1930 in the Bauhaus style
Marianne Brandt Chamberstick
Detail of Marianne Brandt important design candle holder chamberstick, 1930, showing orange enamelled handle
Marianne Brandt Bauhaus metal design candle stick
Bauhaus metal design by Marianne Brandt for Ruppel Ruppelwerk, a green candle holder
Marianne Brandt Chamberstick
Marianne Brandt Chamberstick
Marianne Brandt stamp for Ruppel Ruppelwerk factory in Germany, 1930
Detail of Marianne Brandt Ruppel stamp mark on an enamelled chamberstick design
Modernist Bauhaus design by Marianne Brandt and Wilhelm Wagenfeld including a chamber stick from Ruppel and glass teapot

Marianne Brandt Chamberstick

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Marianne Brandt left an indelible mark on the evolution of design during the 20th century with her commitment to functionality, simplicity and geometry. These attributes exemplify the ideals of the Bauhaus, of which she was a key figure. Her designs were a major contribution in the development of Modernism; the geometric purity of her metal homewares had a substantial influence on the aesthetics of the Modern home.

Not only was Brandt a pioneer of industrial design, she can also be considered a pioneer of gender equality in the arts. Brandt joined the Bauhaus in 1924, and was the only female to achieve a diploma from the metal workshop. Her aptitude for metalworking saw Brandt appointed head of the department just four years later, solidifying her status as a notable figure in challenging gender norms and barriers.

In December 1929, Brandt assumed the role of head of the 'design department for metal goods in coated steel panel' at the Ruppelwerk factory in Gotha, Germany. Her objective was to align the company's product range with the Bauhaus philosophy by modernising existing items and creating new, practical designs. Despite her innovative efforts, managerial constraints limited the implementation of Brandt's ideas and the factory persisted in producing its traditional offerings. Brandt's Modernist designs for Ruppelwerk, including this notable chamberstick, were only manufactured for the short period between 1930 and 1932.

This steel & glass chamberstick serves as an indication of Brandt's revolutionary artistic vision for the Ruppelwerk factory. The Bauhaus design reflects an industrial aesthetic while maintaining a sense of elegance and simplicity. The object is highly practical and facilitates easy use & handling; a result of Brandt's emphasis on functionality. The enamelled chamberstick is formed from clean geometric shapes, which reflect the Bauhaus' commitment to mass production without sacrificing artistic integrity.

One of the Bauhaus' fundamental principles was to combine innovative design with traditional craftspersonship. Brandt closely observed this ethos throughout her career. This chamberstick adheres to this philosophy, particularly as the glass shade has been handblown. The shade features many tiny bubbles within, providing a tangible sense of a handmade object & demonstrating Brandt's harmonious blend of progressive thinking and traditional craft.

Designer: Marianne Brandt

Manufacturer: Metallwarenfabrik Ruppelwerk

Year of Design: 1930

Dates Produced: 1930-32

Colour: Green, orange, brass, clear

Height: 23 cm, Width: 18 cm, Depth: 15 cm

Condition: Very good, some scratches and small losses in the enamel, with greater wear to the underside due to age. 

The glass has many tiny chips around both edges, with one small oyster chip to the mouth. There is a small area of scratching to one side of the glass with one notably deeper scratch.

Branding: ‘Ruppel’ stamp mark.