Profile image of a rare ceramic candleholder by Lisa Larson, crafted at Gustavsberg, Sweden, circa 1965.
Bright-coral-red glazed ceramic candleholder, designed by Lisa Larson at Gustavsberg.
. Vintage candleholder crafted by hand in Gustavsberg Studio by Lisa Larson, Sweden.
Chamotte clay candleholder with grainy, rustic appearance, a hallmark of Lisa Larson's designs at Gustavsberg.
Chamotte clay candleholder with unique, handmade charm, a signature of Lisa Larson's creations at Gustavsberg.
Strong series candleholder designed to hold pillar candles and tealights, a practical innovation by Lisa Larson from Strong series Gustavsberg.
Iconic design by Lisa Larson featuring six-petalled flower motif, produced at Gustavsberg.
Hexafoil candleholder reflecting European folk art influences, a characteristic of Lisa Larson's work at Gustavsberg.
Underside of a strong series candleholder with raw, concrete-like texture typical of environmentally concerned mid-20th century design, as seen in Lisa Larson's pieces at Gustavsberg.
1960s Strong series flower power candleholder embodying environmental and charitable ethos, a commitment shared by Lisa Larson and Gustavsberg.
Chamotte clay candleholder with vintage Swedish appeal, a timeless creation from Lisa Larson's studio at Gustavsberg.
Rare ceramic flower shaped candleholder from Lisa Larson's ‘Strong’ collection at Gustavsberg.
Gustavsberg candleholder with chamotte clay construction, designed by Lisa Larson.
1960s Swedish ceramic candleholder in bright-coral-red glaze, a classic creation from Lisa Larson at Gustavsberg. Part of her series titled ‘Strong’.
Handcrafted candleholder with chamotte clay for a unique touch, a hallmark of Lisa Larson's craftsmanship at Gustavsberg.
Close up of glaze on a vintage Scandinavian ceramic candleholder with six-petalled flower design, a signature motif of Lisa Larson's pieces at Gustavsberg.
Modernist 1960s flower shaped ceramic candleholder by Lisa Larson, a testament to Swedish design history, produced at Gustavsberg.

Lisa Larson Flower Shaped Candleholder

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A rare flower shaped ceramic candleholder in bright-coral-red glaze designed and made by Lisa Larson at Gustavsberg, Sweden, circa 1967.

Designed to accommodate both pillar candles and tealights, this candleholder was handmade in the Gustavsberg Studio out of a solid lump of chamotte clay.

Larson strongly favoured using chamotte, finely crushed fired clay that you can reintroduce to wet clay. Gustavsberg’s chamotte was developed in its own laboratory according to Larson’s wishes. Chamotte clay is what gives Larson’s objects their grainy and rustic look which is a characteristic of her design.

For many, the raw, almost concrete like, appearance of chamotte clay is indicative of design in the second half of the 20th century with an interest in the environment and green issues. This rationale could be applied to Larson’s work who did much for charities, including the World Wildlife Fund and UN's Children's Fund. 

In a similar vein, the six-petalled flower might also speak of Larson’s outlook. Also known as a hexafoil, the six-petalled flower has been very widely used in European folk art over most of the continent for a very long time. In many countries it has been used as a protective symbol.

Designer: Liza Larson

Manufacturer: Gustavsberg

Year of Design: Circa 1967

Dates Produced: 1968 - 1970

Colour: Red

Height: 6.3 cm, Diameter: 10 cm

Condition: Very good. A small air bubble in the glaze, photographed.

Branding: Stamped with ‘L Larson. Gustavsberg Sweden’, and Gustavsberg's hand mark.