Iittala Finland model 2771 'Anemone' stacking vases designed by lisa Johansson Pape for Iittala
Duo of Lisa Johansson-Pape Modernist glass staxcking vases from 'Anemone' series, 1963. Handmade at Iitalla, Finland.
Two Lisa Johansson-Pape vintage Iittala glass vases
Lisa Johansson-Pape Iittala glass vases from 'Anemone' series 1963, Finland
Lisa Johansson-Pape vintage glass Modernist glass vases from Iittala Finland
Lisa Johansson-Pape vintage Iittala glass vases from 1960's
Vintage Iittala glass vases by Lisa Johansson-Pape 1960s
Detail of hand etched signature on Lisa Johansson-Pape glass from Iittala, Finland.
Two Anemone Viola glass stacking vases by Lisa Johansson Pape for Iittala, Finland, 1963
Anemone vases designed by Lisa Johansson Pape for Iittala
Lisa Johansson Pape glass vases detail of vintage red I Iitalla sticker 1960's era
Vintage 1960's Iittala red I sticker on Lisa Johansson Pape vase
Group image featuring Modernist Scandinavian glass in purple hue including Lisa Johansson-Pape and Gunnar Nylund
Two Lisa Johansson Pape glass vases from Iittala Finland, 1960s
Modernist Scandinavian glass vases from Finland by Lisa Johansson pape

Lisa Johansson-Pape Duo of 'Anemone' Vases

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Two Modernist glass 'Anemone' vases designed by Lisa Johansson-Pape for Iittala, Finland, 1963. 

Lisa Johansson-Pape is known as one of the most notable Modernist lighting designers of the 20th Century. Some of her most celebrated works, such as the opaline 'Sipuli' pendant, were produced by Iittala glassworks. 

In 1963 Johansson-Pape briefly expanded into decorative glassware, designing three series of stacking vases for Iittala known as 'Viola', 'Anemone' and 'Achillia'. Each series consists of similarly tapered and 'stepped' glass vases in a range of proportions and colours.

This 'Anemone' duo consists of lilac and smoke glass forms, each with an exaggerated 'step' rim. The vases beautifully compliment each other when displayed side-by-side, but can also be displayed with the smaller inside the larger.

An identical pair can be found in the collection of the British Museum.

Model number: 2771

Model Name: ‘Anemone’

Designer: Lisa Johansson-Pape

Manufacturer: Iittala

Year of Design: 1963

Dates Produced: 1963-5

Colour: Lilac, smoke

Height (Lilac): 8 cm, Diameter: 10 cm

Height (Smoke): 9cm, Diameter: 7.2 cm

Condition: Perfect 

Branding: Etched with ‘LJ-P’, Lilac with partial Iittala sticker.