Liisa Hallamaa Arabia studio vase with Chamotte clay. An organic, natural aesthetic with highly textured organic surface.
Modernist Scandinavian studio pottery vase designed and handmade by Liisa Hallamaa, Arabia, Finland, 1960. A Brutalist and highly textured ceramic vase.
Brutalist studio pottery vase designed and handmade by Liisa Hallamaa, Arabia art studio, Finland, 1960's.
Modernist ceramic vase by Liisa Hallamaa, Arabia studio pottery, Finland.
Brown chamotte vase designed by Liisa Hallamaa, Arabia, Finland. A handmade and unique object from 1960's with highly textured glaze.
Mid Century Scandinavian chamotte glaze vase designed and handmade by Liisa Hallamaa for Arabia art studio, Finland.
Detail of pitted highly textured glaze on Arabia Finland handmade studio pottery by Liisa Hallamaa
Liisa Hallamaa modernist studio pottery vase, unique 1960's design from Arabia, Finland
Mid Century Modernist Liisa Hallamaa chamotte vase, 1960's, Arabia Finland
Highly textured glaze and unconventional form of studio pottery vase from Arabia, Finland, designed and handmade by Liisa Hallamaa, 1960
Cobalt blue glaze on interior of Liisa Hallamaa goblet-shaped chamotte studio pottery vase, 1960's
Vibrant cobalt blue glaze on the interior of a unique handmade studio pottery chamotte vase by Liisa Hallamaa, Arabia, Finland
Interior of Liisa Hallamaa vase
Detail of Liisa Hallamaa studio pottery textured vase
Large Chamotte studio pottery Scandinavian vase designed and handmade by Liisa Hallamaa, Arabia Finland.
Modernist rustic and organic aesthetic of Liisa Hallamaa  studio pottery vase from Arabia, Finland, 1960's
Interior of Liisa Hallamaa studio pottery unique handmade vase, showing cobalt blue interior glaze. Arabia, Finland, 1960's
Detail of cobalt blue glaze on Liisa Hallamaa rare studio pottery vase, Arabia, Finland.
Modernist Liisa Hallamaa chamotte studio pottery vase from Arabia, Finland, 1960's, showing highly textured brown glaze.
Liisa Hallamaa studio pottery marks, "LH" "ARABIA", 1960's
Highly textured brown glaze on unique Liisa Hallamaa studio pottery vase from Arabia, Finland, showing a rustic and organic Brutalist aesthetic.

Liisa Hallamaa Large Goblet Vase

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A large chamotte vase designed & handmade by influential ceramist Liisa Hallamaa in the art studio of Arabia, Finland, circa 1960.

This goblet-like vessel features a richly textured matte glaze with dramatic pits and variations in colour. The experimental glaze conveys the beautifully organic rusticity associated with Hallamaa's renowned works. Her use of a coarse & pitted glaze with a textured chamotte clay ensures this intricate vessel feels entirely natural and Earth-like. The vase is stylistically Modernist, expressing a 1960's Brutalist aesthetic, yet has an undeniable historical characteristic reminiscent of an ancient pot unearthed from the ground.

Hallamaa's ceramics are highly individual in the field of Nordic studio pottery. Known for her thick & textured glazes, her ceramics also push the boundaries of expectation with dramatically proportioned & experimental silhouettes. This footed vessel consists of a large spherical 'bowl' on a gently flared foot. 

As a further elegant touch, the vase's interior has been glazed in cobalt blue; a signature of Arabia's formidable art department. 

Hallamaa began her career in Arabia's art department in 1950 at the age of 25. Here, she and ‘the [other] Arabia artists could work and create as they will. With the full resources of the factory at their disposal.’[1]

She remained at Arabia for 20 years producing unique experiments in studio ceramics which are highly regarded for their individual expression, exciting glazes, and unconventional forms.

[1] Ulf Hård af Segerstad, Scandinavian Design (London: Studio Books, 1961) 38.

Designer: Liisa Hallamaa

Manufacturer: Arabia

Year of Design: C. 1960

Dates Produced: C. 1960

Colour: Brown, black, blue, purple, red

Height: 14.5 cm, Diameter: 16 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Incised with handwritten ‘LH’ monogram for Liisa Hallamaa and ‘Arabia’.