An adorably sweet small letter rack made from oak wood. The openwork is inspired by Art Nouveau design but this item was most probably made during the Art Nouveau revival in the 1940s
A miniature freestanding carved oak letter rack or postcard tidy handmade in the UK in beginning of the twentieth century.
Sideview of a dark stained oak wood letter rack with three storage compartments. Most probably made in the 1940s but inspired by Art Nouveau design.
Detail showing the rough naive carving in the open work on a unique handmade wood letter rack. Britain, 1930s.
Photo showing the side of a freestanding letter rack handmade out of oak in England Britain in the 1930s or 40s.
Side view showing how the compartment of an articulated letter rack can be shut. Item is scratch built, most probably by a young man for his love interest in the 1930s or 40s.
Close up showing the speckled and patinated wood used in the construction of this sweet letter rack or postcard tidy naively built by a young man for his lover in the early 20th century.
Photo showing the back of a cute little letter rack made from solid oak which has been stained dark and varnished and waxed. Item stood on top of a pale linen tablecloth.
Detail showing the somewhat rough work in the openwork which forms the main decorative feature on this small and cute letter rack made from oak.
Close up of the fin of a freestanding wooden letter rack made in Britain in the 1930s or 40s.
Detail os the solid wood fin attached to the back of a freestanding oak letter rack. A charming example of naive English arts and crafts design.
Ariel view of the back of a dark oak wood freestanding letter rack. Top part of rack is carved with an Art Nouveau inspired shape.
Image of reverse of dark oak letter rack with carved details. The arts and crafts design stands atop a beige linen tablecloth.
Ariel view of a folding letter rack. Image shows inside of the foldout flaps. Item most likely made by a young man for their love interest in the first part of the twentieth century, England.
Close up showing good and clean condition of this naive but charming art and crafts inspired letter rack made from english oak in Britain in the 1930s or 40s.
Detail showing the art nouveau inspired arts and crafts design carved into an oak letter rack.
Lead image of a late arts and crafts period letter rack in oak. Dark wood is beautifully speckled and patinated.
Image of an art nouveau inspired letter rack. The stylised leaf or feather shapes carved into the wood are naive but charming.
Mood image showing an arts and crafts period letter rack carved from solid dark oak filled with colourful postcards and letters. One of the postcards features a bouquet of flowers.
Early-20th Century

Letter Rack w. Naïve Art Nouveau Inspired Openwork

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A unique early 20th century letter rack, handmade from oak circa 1940. 

The naivety of this useful object conveys an enchanting warmth and informality which is both attractive and endearing. The botanically inspired openwork of this wooden piece is stylistically Art Nouveau. However, we believe this item to have been made in around 1940 by a young student, for a family member or a love interest.

The design has been carefully cut and assembled by hand, and offers two tiers to store letters. Whilst being a usable item, the object also provides a tangible sense of something entirely and lovingly handmade. 

Manufacturer: Unique handmade item

Year of Design: C. 1940

Colours: Brown

Height: 22 cm, Width: 11 cm, Depth: 10 cm

Condition: Very good, some minor chips. Please see images.