Handmade rustic wooden British oak candelabra, 1920's
Detail of antique oak grain on handmade British candelabra
1920's handmade folk art oak candelabra with four arms
Antique folk art candelabra, handmade from British oak wood in around 1920, inspired by Omega workshop
Antique 1920's British folk art candelabra, a detail image of candle sconces and burning candles
Large Articulated Folk Art Candelabra
British folk art candelabra, made from oak wood and reminiscent of Omega workshop
Detail of oak base on antique four-armed handmade candelabra, made from English oak wood
Detail of antique folk art candelabra
Antique folk art candelabra centrepiece with four arms, made from English oak wood in around 1920, providing a classic cottage aesthetic.
Detail of antique oak wood grain, 1920's handmade candelabra
Turned and steam bent wood candelabra antique, handmade in England circa 1920 providing a classic country cottage style decor
Stained oak folk art candelabra, handmade in 1920
Folk art 1920s British oak articulated candelabra with dramatic four arms
Detail of candle sconce on antique handmade rustic oak candelabra
Detail of candle sconce and wood grain on antique handmade rustic oak candelabra
Rustic cottage interior handmade antique oak candelabra dining scene with amber Erik Höglund Swedish glassware
Large rustic cottage style antique candelabra, handmade in England circa 1920
Early-20th Century

Large Articulated Folk Art Candelabra

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A large articulated English oak candelabra in an unusual and bold shape.

This candelabra combines turning, hand-carving, and steam-bending, and was lovingly made by a British craftsperson in the first part of the twentieth century. Its charmingly naïve form is highly evocative of the higgledy-piggledy architecture of old British pubs.

It's the perfect way to add a touch of folk art to your home and the articulation makes it dual purpose. Position the candles all in a line to impressively illuminate your mantlepiece or create a great centrepiece for your dining table by setting the arms apart.

Year of Design: C. 1920

Colour: Brown

Height: 29 cm, Width: 40.5 cm, Depth 24 cm, Base Diameter: 20 cm

Condition: Good usable condition. Clear signs of age and use which only adds to charm.