A stoneware footed Yunomi, with iron decoration on hakeme ground, impressed JM and A for Ainstable marks
A tall footed and waisted Yunomi by Jim Malone, one of Britain's foremost potters
Detail of thick Hakeme slip, harshly applied to add texture to Yunomi. The flora motifs are painted in iron oxide
Top view of Yunomi tea or wine vessel decorated with cream Hakeme slip and rust coloured iron oxide
Close up showing thick rim of Jim Malone stoneware Yunomi. Brushed slip with iron decoration also feature on this model from late 1980s
Yunomi vessel laying on its side. Object designed and made by studio pottery Jim Malone, Ainstable, circa 1990
Looking down at an ergonomically shaped yunomi japanese drinking vessel by british studio potter Jim Malone, Ainstable, 1990
Detail of Jim Malone makers mark on stoneware yunomi. Impressed marks read JM and A for Ainstable
Close up of British studio pottery makers marks JM Jim Malone A Ainstable
A traditional, ergonomically shaped yunomi cup vessel laying sideways. Design by Jim Malone for Ainstable Pottery
Jim Malone Pottery, Ainstable

Jim Malone Yunomi

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A wheel thrown cylindrical vessel with a slight waist and foot by Jim Malone, Ainstable, England, circa 1989. The stoneware object, made by one of Britain's foremost potters, is inspired by and can be referred to as a yunomi, a style of Japanese drinking cup.

The absence of a handle and the astonishingly ergonomic shape of this vessel are in keeping with traditional yunomi which are intended to be cradled in your hands to savour the warmth and aroma of your drink. Adding to the tactility of this piece are the creamy hakeme slip and the rust decoration in iron oxide.

Hakeme, defined as ‘brush stroke’ in Japanese, is the technique of applying a coat of slip with a hard bristled brush. In this instance, thick slip has been harshly applied but although it is textured it remains even and smooth to the touch.

Model Name: ‘Yunomi’ 

Designer: Jim Malone 

Manufacturer: Jim Malone Ainstable Pottery 

Year of Design: C. 1989

Date Produced: C. 1989 

Colour: Cream, white, brown, red

Height: 10 cm, Diameter: 9 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Impressed marks, ‘JM’ and ‘A’ for Ainstable.