Jim Malone 2002 Burnby Yunomi with celadon green glaze, important British studio pottery
Jim Malone studio pottery marks 2002 Burnby pottery, York, JM B impressed signature
Jim Malone 2002 Yunomi with celadon glaze and grass decoration
British Pottery Jim Malone Yunomi with grey and celadon glaze with green norwegian Inge Foro pitcher
Jim Malone celadon glaze yunomi
Jim Malone incised grass decoration on celadon glaze yunomi, burnby, york, 2002
Jim Malone incised grass pattern on celadon glaze burnby pottery yunomi drinking vessel 2002
Jim Malone Celadon Yunomi
Jim malone studio pottery celadon Yunomi japanese drinking vessel with celadon glaze 2002
Importand British studio pottery yunomi by Jim malone 2002 celadon green glaze and grass pattern
Jim Malone green crackle glaze celadon yunomi 2002
Jim Malone Burnby York pottery marks JM B on a grass celadon pottery yunomi, 2002
Jim Malone celadon crackle glaze yunomi 2002
Jim Malone Pottery, Burnby

Jim Malone Celadon Yunomi

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A wheel thrown cylindrical vessel with a slight waist and foot by Jim Malone, Burnby, York, England, circa 2002. The stoneware object, made by one of Britain's foremost potters, is inspired by and can be referred to as a yunomi, a style of Japanese drinking cup.

The object has an abstract,  briskly etched grass decoration; a traditional Japanese-inspired motif favoured by Jim Malone. The piece has been glazed in a transparent celadon glaze, thinly coating the object with an attractive green hue.  In some areas, the glaze has pooled, creating a deeper green colour and decorative craqueleur. This effect is particularly noticeable on the object's waist and interior.

The absence of a handle and the astonishingly ergonomic shape of this vessel are in keeping with traditional yunomi which are intended to be cradled in your hands to savour the warmth and aroma of your drink. The object can also be used as a vase. 

Model Name: ‘Yunomi’ 

Designer: Jim Malone 

Manufacturer: Jim Malone Burnby Pottery 

Year of Design: C. 2002

Date Produced: C. 2002

Colour: Green

Height: 10 cm, Diameter: 9.5 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Impressed marks, ‘JM’ and ‘B’ for Burnby.