Large rare orrefors Ingeborg lundin engraved vase with hand engraved bird from the 1960s
Vintage Orrefors engraved 1960s hand engraved vase by Ingeborg lundin with stylised bird
Scandinavian engraved vase by Ingeborg lundin with bird or owl
Detail of Ingeborg Lundin Orrefors large vase
Large Ingeborg Lundin Engraved vase with owl or bird, Orrefors 1960s
Large Ingeborg Lundin engraved vase with abstract bird motif
Detail of large Orrefors glass vase
Large Ingeborg Lundin engraved vase from orrefors with fluffy bird motif
Ingeborg Lundin engraved vase, detail of very thick rim from orrefors
Large Ingeborg Lundin engraved vase showing abstract bird with large eye, 1960s
Ingeborg Lundin detail of hand engraved squiggle feathers on large Orrefors vase
Rare Orrefors large engraved Ingeborg lundin vase with bird
Detail of beak on Ingebord Lundin engraved vase from Orrefors, 1960s
Large Swedish glass vase engraved with stylised bird from Ingebord Lundin, Orrefors, 1960s
Base of Ingeborg Lundin glass engraved vase with signature
large Orrefors glass vase side view
Rare Ingeborg Lundin engraved vase with comedic bird character
Ingeborg Lundin Large Engraved Vase w. Bird
Large Orrefors engraved vase by Ingeborg Lundin, Orrefors, Sweden

Ingeborg Lundin Large Engraved Vase w. Bird

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A large, rare example of Ingeborg Lundin's engraved work, produced at Orrefors, Sweden, c. 1965.

Ingeborg Lundin's fresh and spirited style was in high contrast to Orrefors' traditional formality when she joined the glassworks as their first female designer in 1947. From the offset, Lundin applied a youthful, modern outlook, designing unconventional pieces with a notable lightness and informality.

Her engraved works often pair the rigid seriousness of hand-engraving with an expression of eccentricity and light humour, and finding this balance is an attribute to much of Lundin's work as a whole. 

This large vase displays an oversized, inquisitive bird, joyfully sketched onto the surface of the glass by the way of scribbles and curls. The loose, expressionist lines lend the character a soft and fluffy appearance. 

The piece utilises a combination of techniques for surface decoration, namely both sandblasting and wheel-engraving. 

The letter 'O' within the signature suggests this piece was engraved by Ove Bjerding.

Model Number: 7015

Designer: Ingeborg Lundin

Manufacturer: Orrefors

Year of Design: C. 1965

Dates Produced: C. 1965

Colour: Clear

Height: 22 cm, Width: 19.5 cm, Depth: 9.5

Condition: Very Good. Some minor scuffs and scratches. 

Branding: Engraved with ‘Orrefors D 7015/211 D/O’