Lead image showing side profile of a large green ceramic pitcher, designed by Inge Forø for Larholm, Norway, circa 1950.
Close up showing intricate pattern inscribed into the body of a large stoneware pitcher designed by mid-twentieth century Norwegian ceramicist Inge Forø.
Image showing back of a organic modern ceramic pitcher designed by Inge Forø for Larholm pottery Norway, 1950s.
Angle shot showing elongated elegant body of a ceramic water or wine carafe designed by Inge Forø.
Close up of the exaggerated spout on a Nordic mid-20th century design ceramic pitcher, design by Inge Forø, artistic director or Larholm Pottery Norway from 1943 until 1951.
Ariel shot of a stoneware carafe designed by Inge Forø. Image shows the thickness of the clay used. Classic Scandinavian design. Practical and elegant.
Underside of the long tapering spout on a pitcher carafe designed by Inge Forø. Narrow hand pinched lip pours excellently.
Detail showing age related wear to a ceramic jug by Inge Forø.
Close up showing the radiant leaf green coloured glaze on the body of Inge Forø's ceramic pitcher.
Close up of a beautifully hand made narrow pouring spout. Design works well and does not drip.
Mouth and top half of the neck belonging to a stoneware ceramic pitcher by Norwegian ceramicist and Larholm Pottery art director Inge Forø, 1950s.
Close up of Inge Forø pottery carafe, image shows organically speckled deep green glaze.
The base and underside of a ceramic pitcher designed by Inge Forø and made by Larholm Pottery, hand written text reads Larholm Norway 1102.
Head on shot showing backstop of Larholm pottery carafe designed by Inge Forø for Larholm Pottery, this model decanter is also held in the National Museum of Norway.
Inge Forø ceramic pitcher laying on its back. The Organic Modern shape of the jug was to become the prevailing style of Scandinavian designers throughout the 1950s and 1960s.
Mood image showing a group of hand thrown nature inspired ceramics. Green jug in centre designed by Inge Forø. The two Yunomi vessels inspired by Japanese design made by Jim Malone. Each item a work of art but also very usable today. Drink wine in style!

Inge Forø Pitcher

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A ceramic pitcher, designed by Inge Forø and handmade at Larholm, Norway, circa 1950. 

The spouted form of this vessel is both soft and geometric, both ancient and modern. The simple, essential shape of the piece along with the attention to both practicality and aesthetics, signifies the designers' awareness of the emerging Scandinavian Modernist movement at the time. 

The sturdy stoneware pitcher features a leaf green glaze which has been applied with a brush. A subtle texture has been hatched with a tool beneath the glaze, to offer a nuance which heightens the perception of a lovingly handmade object.

Forø's was artistic director at Larholm (1943 - 1951) when he designed this piece. It was made in yellow as well as green and the example held in The National Museum of Norway features a cane grip.

Model Number: 1102

Designer: Inge Forø

Manufacturer: Larholm Pottery

Year of Design: C. 1950 

Date Produced: C. 1950

Colour: Green

Height: 25 cm, Width: 22 cm, Depth: 16.5 cm 

Condition: Good useable condition. Minor chips to spout. Hairline crack in glaze near spout. See photographs.

Branding: Hand painted mark 'Larholm Norway 1102'.