Mid Century Modern space-age studio pottery vase designed by Hertha Bengtson, produced at Höganäs
Unusual Swedish studio pottery vase by Hertha Bengtson, a funky and unconventional design from the 1960s
Hertha Bengtson Hoganas blue glaze stoneware vase with unusual handles and crystalline glaze
Scandinavian studio pottery vase from Höganäs, designed by Hertha Bengtson
Applied handles on Hertha Bengtson Hoganas vintage vase
Modernist Scandinavian vase by Hertha Bengtson, a detail of unconventional space-age handles
1960s stoneware pottery vase by Hertha Bengtson, Höganäs, Sweden, showing 1960s aesthetic
1960s Modernist space-age stoneware shallow blue vase by Hertha Bengtson, Höganäs, Sweden
Modernist Hertha Bengtson handmade studio pottery vase from Sweden, with blue crystalline glaze
Handmade stoneware dish by Hertha Bengtson, Sweden, 1960s
Unconventional studio pottery dish by Hertha Bengtson, 1960's
Detail of applied lug handles on an unconventional Modernist studio pottery vase by Hertha Bengtson
Unusual Hertha Bengtson Höganäs studio pottery vase, 1960's space-age design
Detail of crystalline blue glaze on Hertha Bengtson Höganäs vase
Swedish Scandinavian studio pottery mark, Höganäs Hertha Bengtson Sweden
Base of studio pottery Hertha Bengtson vase from Höganäs, Sweden, with hand written signature mark
Vintage space-age Höganäs vase designed by Hertha Bengtson, with blue glaze and applied lug handles
Modernist vase designed by Hertha Bengtson, Sweden, 1960's

Hertha Bengtson Shallow Vase

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This highly sculptural shallow vase belongs to Hertha Bengtson's imaginative series of stoneware art-objects produced at Höganäs around 1964. 

The eccentric vase serves as an unconventional reflection of the youthful, playful and exciting era of the 1960's; the striking design captures the space-age stylings of the time with its sweeping silhouette & unusual applied decoration.
The flared & undulating shape of this piece, in the spirit of the age, boldly defies tradition yet the object is balanced & grounded by the the historic method of production; the vase is turned by hand on a potter's wheel.

The dappled blue glaze is both beautiful and refined, and featured light crystalline areas of grey with darker patches which are richly pigmented with cobalt blue.

The unique & playful character of this object is enhanced by the application of peculiar space-age 'handles', crafted from extruded clay cylinders. These distinct cylinders, a hallmark of Bengtson's collection, give the vase, and the entire series, a strange and somewhat otherworldly charm.

Designer: Hertha Bengtson

Manufacturer: Höganäs

Year of Design: 1964

Dates Produced: 1964-6

Colour: Blue, grey

Diameter: 15 cm, Height: 8 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Incised with ‘Höganas Hertha B SWEDEN Ateljé'