A tall bulbous Art Deco bottle vase in green by Harald Östergren for Upsala Ekeby, Sweden, 1925.
Close up of the green copper glaze of an Art Deco bottle vase by Harald Östergren for Upsala Ekeby, Sweden, in the 1920s.
Top view of a beautifully curvaceous but simple Modernist Art Deco jug vase by Swedish designer Harald Östergren for Upsala Ekeby, circa 1925.
Side image showing the more flamboyant incised decoration related to Art Nouveau on this Art Deco shaped ceramic pitcher designed by Harald Östergren.
Close up showing the incised simple pattern on the side of a Harald Östergren Upsala Ekeby ceramic vase produced in the 1920s.
Head on shot of an Upsala Ekeby dark green glazed ceramic handled jug designed by Harald Östergren circa 1925.
Close up showing the lighter turquoise green colour showing through at the edges of this dark green copper glaze jug designed by Harald Östergren, 1920s.
A Harald Östergren ceramic jug with handle laying on its side, image shows the complex complexion of the copper oxide glaze. Great 1920s Art Deco Scandinavian design.
A Harald Östergren green ceramic jug standing on a natural linen table cloth in natural daylight.
An Art Deco Harald Östergren ceramic jug with handle made in the 1920s. Available for shipping worldwide, including China and Japan.
An old antique Scandinavian bottle designed by Harald Östergren, today the item would be perfect for Japanese sake.
A handled pitcher in green designed by Harald Östergren for Upsala Ekeby in Sweden in the 1920s.
Side view showing hand pulled handle on a ceramic jug pitcher ewer designed by earlt Modernist ceramic and industrial designer Harald Östergren.
Art Deco copper oxide glazed jug from Upsala Ekeby
Green Art Deco Upsala Ekeby 2224 jug 1920s with copper oxide glaze
Detail of Upsala Ekeby Vintage Art Deco jug
Harald Ostergren green ceramic vase by Upsala Ekeby Sweden
Group image of 1920s Art Deco Scandinavian bottle vase in dark green designed by Harald Ostergren with an Arne Bang Candlestick and Holmegaard Glasses
mood image of Swedish Art Deco ceramic bottle vase from Upsala Ekeby with copper glaze, with green Arne Bang candlestick and modernist Holmegaard glasses
Upsala Ekeby

Harald Östergren Art Deco Bottle Vase

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An Art Deco bottle vase by Harald Östergren for Upsala Ekeby, Sweden, 1925. 

Whilst the copper glaze and simplicity of this vase are both characteristic of modern design of the 1920's, this softened, organic rendition of Art Deco appears to also display nuances and signifiers of Art Nouveau, with the classical handle and incised decoration that hints at a petal or a peacock's feather.

Östergren studied design in both Sweden and Germany, and this transitional object perhaps displays specifically the influence of the germanic Jugendstil movement. This branch of Art Nouveau is characteristically cleaner, pairing organic motifs with simple shapes and geometry.

Model Number: 2224

Designer: Harald Östergren (Attributed)

Manufacturer: Upsala Ekeby

Year of Design: C. 1925

Dates Produced: C. 1925 (stamp indicates pre-1928)

Colour: Green, black

Height: 15.5 cm, Width: 12.5 cm, Depth: 9 cm

Condition: Very Good. Some light crazing.

Branding: Stamped underneath ‘EKEBY’ with model number '2224'.