Lead image of a 'Rokko Art' bud vase or pen holder with heavy pebbledash like texture made by Guy Sydenham at his Mermaid Studio on Portland, UK, in 2000.
British studio ceramic pen pot created by leading 20th century potter Guy Sydenham. For sale in London at Art & Utility.
Head on shot showing a fat bud shaped textured vase with a sharp pointed top. This item is from Guy Sydenham's 'Rokko Art' series made at Mermaid Studios on the Isle of Portland.
Side view of a hand-thrown terracotta 'Rokko Art' vase by former Poole Pottery leader Guy Sydenham. Buy online from London based design gallery Art and Utility.
Unique Guy Sydenham 'Rokko Art' vase. This collectible piece of twentieth century British studio pottery and many more available to buy from South West London based design gallery Art & Utility.
Rear view of a tall bud shaped hand thrown Guy Sydenham 'Rokko Art' vase or pen holder. The Surface of the unique studio pottery piece is entirely covered in small circular spots which appear like barnacles or pebbles.
Side view of a Guy Sydenham 'Rokko Art' vase that is shaped like the bud of a flower. The textured glaze of the vase is iridescent and contains vitrified glass.
Front view of a unique and highly collectible Guy Sydenham 'Rokko Art' vessel inspired by the Jurassic Coast of the Ilse of Portland where Sydenham created this piece.
Guy Sydenham 'Rokko Art' textured ceramics pen pot. The form of the hand thrown terracotta vessel is similar to a seashell. Fantastic example of British Studio Pottery.
An organic flower bud shaped Guy Sydenham 'Rokko Art' vase with a highly textured surface glazed in colours of blue, green, and brown. The item takes inspiration from the Jurassic Coast and British marine life on Portland where Sydenham lived and worked.
Zoomed in image showing the barnacle like circular shapes applied to the body of the seashell like vase by Guy Sydenham 'Rokko Art'.
Close up of the tip of a seashell shaped 'Rokko Art' vase by Guy Sydenham. This collectible vintage piece of studio pottery is offered in excellent condition. View more online at Art & Utility.
Detail showing the brilliant colours in the glaze of a 'Rokko Art' vase created on Portland in the year 2000.
A Guy Sydenham 'Rokko Art' vase laying on its side. The shape is highly evocative of the Atlantis 'Knight's Helmet' lamp also by Guy Sydenham.
Close up of the intricate texture pressed into the exterior of a unique piece of Guy Sydenham studio pottery.
Detail showing the foot or heel of a Guy Sydenham studio pottery vase made from terracotta.
Photograph clearly showing a full set of pottery marks used by Guy Sydenham. Sydenham's work contains a vast array of manufactures marks which can inform an audience of many aspect related to the work impressed with different seals.
Head on shot showing the underside or reverse of a Guy Sydenham studio pottery piece. This photo shows Guy Sydenham's monogram, the year of manufacture, which reads 2000. And the circle containing an 'X' denotes the hamlet of Wakeham in Portland, England.
Detail showing the belly of a bulbouse Guy Sydenham vase. The mouth or hole of the vase might remind people of Sydenham's famous Atlantis 'Knight's Helmet' lamp by Poole.
Mood image showing a heavily textured flower bud shaped vase by Guy Sydenham stood on top of a red cloth and in front of a grey background.
Top down view of a Guy Sydenham vase covered in dozens of tiny pebble like circles. The vase is reminiscent of sea creates such as hermit crabs and their barnacle covered seashells.
Close up of the circular mouth hand formed on a unique Guy Sydenham 'Rokko Art' pen pot. Sydenham may have been recalling his Atlantis 'Knight's Helmet' lamp creation when making this item in 2000.
Mermaid Studios, Wakeham

Guy Sydenham 'Rokko Art' Whelk Seashell Vase

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An exquisitely idiosyncratic terracotta vessel by Guy Sydenham, resembling an enchanting seashell encrusted with barnacles or a mystical cave within a craggy cliff. This captivating piece showcases Sydenham’s mastery of combing expert workpersonship with playfulness to produce an alluring nature-inspired design.

The pot is from Sydenham’s ‘Rokko Art’ series made at the Mermaid Studios on the Isle of Portland, England, in 2000.

Standing at approximately 6 inches tall, this freeformed vase, which Sydenham probably intended to be a pen holder, instantly captures curiosity with its meticulously carved and applied decoration.

The vessel is skillfully shaped like a tall spiralling Whelk shell, featuring intricate textures and patterns that mimic natural elements.

The rough bark-like surface of the holder brings to mind the kind of erosion or barnacles to be found on ancient shells and cliffs.

Also evocative of an eternity in and around the British coast are the numerous colours within the glaze. Hues of green, blue, and brown have been created using tin glaze over copper with glass.

The pot is impressed with three dies made by Sydenham. The first of these marks is the year, 2000. The second is the Court Leet mark for Wakeham. The third is a small ‘s’ within a ‘G’, Sydenham’s monogram.

Model Name: Portland ‘Rokko Art’

Designer: Guy Sydenham

Manufacturer: Guy Sydenham

Year of Design: 2000

Date Produced: 2000

Colour: Blues, greens, greys, browns, blacks

Height: 13.5 cm, Diameter: 7 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Impressed with three dies made by Sydenham. ‘2000’. Court Leet mark for Wakeham, ‘X’ within an ‘O’. Guy Sydenham monogram, ‘Gs’.