Guy Sydenham British studio pottery handmade oxblood red glaze vase from the Green Island era with organic form
British Studio pottery oxblood glaze vase designed by Guy Sydenham, Green Island, Poole, Devon 1980's
Vase with thickly appled Oxblood glaze by Guy Sydenham, Green Island, Poole
Guy Sydenham glossy glaze vase from the Green Island era
Guy Sydenham glossy oxblood and ochre glazed British studio pottery vase, 1980's
Guy Sydenham Oxblood red glaze oval stoneware British Studio Pottery vase
Guy Stdenham oxblood red jewel-like glaze on an oval flattened vase 1980's Green Island era
Guy Sydenham oxblood red and brown glossy glaze vase 1980's
Detail of Guy Sydenham oxblood vase with narrow neck and oval form
Guy Sydenham gloss glaze vase 1980s
Detail of Guy Sydenham Oxblood vase
Guy Sydenham Green Island stamp mark 1980's British Studio Pottery GS
Guy Sydenham detail of yellow and red varied gloss glaze on handmade Green Island vase
Various studio pottery ceramic vases with Oxblood glaze including Guy Sydenham, Stig Lindberg and Berndt Friberg
Guy Sydenham Oxblood red glossy glaze handmade stoneware British Studio Pottery vase
Green Island, Poole

Guy Sydenham Oxblood Vase

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An exquisite vase with oxblood glaze, handmade by Guy Sydenham at his Green Island studio, Poole, C.1980.

Guy Sydenham's work from the Green Island era (1977-87) is characterised by soft & organic stoneware forms with earth-like glazes. Much of Sydenham's designs from this period feature a traditional brown salt-glaze, but colours such as ochre, navy blue and oxblood were also used. These elegant coloured glazes were often applied in a playful manner; in blocked colours, stripes, or as geometric shapes. 

The distinctive form of this piece is a flattened oval with a narrow neck. The shape is highly tactile, and sits perfectly in the hand like a smooth beach stone. 

The deep red glaze is varied; the rich oxblood colour has dapples of yellows and light browns. The dripping glaze has been thickly applied to the upper part of the vase, and paints a triangle of plain stoneware on the lower half. The whole piece has been dipped in a clear high-gloss glaze, which gives the vase a beautiful jewel-like quality.

Designer: Guy Sydenham

Manufacturer: Guy Sydenham

Year of Design: C.1980

Date Produced: C.1980

Colour: Red, yellow, brown

Height: 11 cm, Width: 8.5 cm, Depth: 5 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Impressed with ‘GS’ Green Island mark along with ‘W’ and ‘3’