Modernist Finnish Gunnel Nyman GN-17 Huntu glass vase in amber, designed in 1947 and produced at Nuutajarvi Notsjo, Finland
Iconic early modernist glass vase designed by Gunnel Nyman and produced in the 1940s at Nuutajarvi Notsjo glassworks in Finland, displaying advanced glassblowing techniques
Vintage amber Huntu vase, designed by Gunnel Nyman in 1947 and produced at Nuutajarvi glassworks, Finland
Detail image of the advanced glassblowing techniques from Nuutajarvi Notsjo, Finland
Detail of lip of heavy glass vase from Nuutajarvi
Detail of lip of amber Gunnel Nyman GN17 vase, produced in the 1940s at Nuutajarvi Notsjo Finland
Iconic Scandinavian glass vase designed by Gunnel Nyman GN17 with controlled bubbles
Detail of cased glass bubbles within modernist Gunnel Nyman Huntu vase
Modernist controlled bubbles vase designed by Gunnel Nyman for Nuutajarvi Notsjo, Finland, in the 1940s
A group of important Modernist Finnish glass objects including Gunnel Nyman Huntu, Timo Sarpaneva Kynell, Nanny Still Saturnus and a Swedish vase by Vicke Lindstrand
Large amber Gunnel Nyman Huntu vase from the 1940s, produced at Nuutajarvi Notsjo
early Gunnel Nyman organic modernist glass vase, model GN17, in amber glass with controlled bubbles, produced in the 1940s at Nuutajarvi Notsjo glassworks in Finland
Important Modernist Finnish glass design from Gunnel Nyman, a GN17 amber vase.
Top of large amber glass GN17 vase designed by Gunnel Nyman in 1947
Detail of modernist 1940s Gunnel Nyman amber glass vase showing controlled bubbles technique and thick cased glass, produced at Nuutajarvi Notsjo glassworks, Finland
Modernist amber coloured glass Gunnel Nyman large vase with controlled bubbles, designed in 1940s for Nuutajarvi Notsjo Finland
Upturned modernist glass Huntu vase designed by Gunnel Nyman, Finland
Pioneering Modernist glass design from Finland, a GN17 Huntu vase designed in 1947 by Gunnel Nyman and produced by expert glassblowers at Nuutajarvi Notsjo
Cased amber glass vase from 1940s Finland, displaying controlled bubble glass technique from Nuutajarvi Notsjo Finland
Acid Etched signature on Gunnel Nyman 1940s Nyytajarvi Notsjo glass vase
Nuutajärvi Notsjö

Gunnel Nyman Amber 'Huntu' Vase

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Gunnel Nyman was a major participant in the very birth of Modernist glass. Her works for Nuutajärvi in the late 1940's were the dynamic seed that preceded the forms and techniques so characteristic of Scandinavian glass of the 20th Century.

During the initial Postwar period, glass design from Finland was largely influenced by the dated ideologies of classically-inspired Swedish glass of the Art Deco period; a restrained aesthetic based upon symmetry and geometry. Nyman, however, created objects with an organic softness by abstracting ideas from nature, and utilising the inherent fluid properties of glass itself. Her work was thoroughly modern, and inspired a new generation of designers in Finland to look towards nature and experiment with modernity in a soft and abstract manner; a prevailing trait in the unique identity of Finnish glass.

This vase was expertly produced by Nuutajärvi glassworks and belongs to a series of important works from the 1940's. The hand-blown, substantial object contains many quintessential elements associated with Nyman's innovative work. The exquisite vase is gently spherical, and the walls are incredibly thick. The colour is a rich, deep amber, and the whole piece contains tiny controlled bubbles in an impossibly perfect arrangement. The bubbles are delicate, like gossamer, which gives the vase its name; 'Huntu' (Veil).

Model number: GN-17

Model Name: 'Hunto' 

Designer: Gunnel Nyman

Manufacturer: Nuutajärvi Notsjö 

Year of Design: 1947

Dates Produced: 1947-59

Colour: Amber, clear 

Height: 11 cm, Diameter 10 cm

Condition: Very good, some light scratches upon inspection.

Branding: Hand signed with faint acid etched signature, ‘Gunnel Nyman Nuutajärvi Notsjo’.